Riding The Gravy Train: S&P500 Key Levels

The U.S. stock market is very expensive and narrow, led by large-cap tech with S&P500 range-bound between 3233 and 2965, a 9 percent range, closing today at the upper 1/3rd of that range.   Not a fan, and a dangerous market, in the opinion of the GMM macro heads.

However, as our stock-picker extraordinaire, Coach Carol, says you “gotta ride this gravy train as long as it’s running.”  Nobody calls the top, nor the bottom, or knows the future.

Her long-term perspective as an investor is uniquely coupled with the discipline of a trader as we watch her practice the mantra,

“Cut Your Losses Short & Let Your Winners Run”.

Her performance in her personal portfolio speaks for itself.  She has, however, been raising a lot of cash recently.

Key Levels to watch (underlined)

Upside       – 3165.81 and 3184.15
Downside3142.93, 3130.01, 3109.33, 3103.77  






Hat Tip:  @Not_Jim_Cramer

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