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S&P500 Key Levels

#CKStrong S&P has some work to do. Today’s low a must hold. Today’s high at 4417.35 most likely taken out in the morning, a January close above the December low at 4495 usually a necessary condition for a positive year. … Continue reading

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Summers And Krugman Debate Inflation

#CKStrong This is good. Well worth your time and will determine your financial health.

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Friday’s Retail Sales Were Supply-Chain Positive

#CKStrong There was a lot of hang wringing over Friday’s retail sales coming in softer than expected. U.S. retail sales stumbled at the end of 2021, factory output weakened and consumer sentiment deteriorated at the start of the new year, … Continue reading

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The Best MLK Weekend Of All-Time

#CKStrong We are reposting a repost of a post for the holiday and in honor of Dr. King, one of our greatest Americans, a true patriot, and a modern day saint. Originally Posted on January 21, 2019 During my Lehman days … Continue reading

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The Nonfarm Payrolls Report In Four Charts – Part 1

#CKStrong We have crunched a lot of data from Friday’s nonfarm payrolls report (NFP) and have made some fascinating observations to share with our readers.  This is the first post in a series in which we go deep into the … Continue reading

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Tweet Of The Day: Pity The Penguins

#CKStrong The first published account of penguins comes from Antonio Pigafetta, who was aboard Ferdinand Magellan’s first circumnavigation of the globe in 1520. They spotted the animals near what was probably Punta Tombo in Argentina. (He called them “strange geese.”) … Continue reading

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Cheerleading: The Most Dangerous College Sport?

#CKStrong Who would have thunk it? The most dangerous women’s high school and college sport! Much of the focus is on cheerleading’s physical toll. It is the most dangerous sport for female college athletes, accounting for 71% of serious injuries, … Continue reading

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Are Stocks Having An Efficient Markets Moment?

#CKStrong The efficient market hypothesis (EMH), alternatively known as the efficient market theory, is a hypothesis that states that share prices reflect all information and consistent alpha generation is impossible.  – Investopedia Carol K., who is slowly emerging from a coma, … Continue reading

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Jan 6th – The Day “Good People…Morphed Into Terrorists”

#CKStrong DAWN BANCROFT, a 59-year-old gym owner from Pennsylvania, travelled to the national capital a year ago this week to hear Donald Trump speak, not to commit terrorism. Yet as she marched up Constitution Avenue, with the former president’s instruction … Continue reading

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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor BMW

#CKStrong Simply amazing.   Who would have thunk it just a few years back? Thinking linearly in our nonlinear reality, which is getting more nonlinear by the day as we suspect we are at the elbow of the technological curve, can … Continue reading

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