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These Robots Are Running California Farms

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Be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Be kind and help someone in need. Found this Thanksgiving gem by Natalie Cole. Dedicated to the one I love.

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Why Have Electric Cars Taken So Long To Develop?

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Janet Yellen Now Favored To Become Treasury Secretary

President-elect Biden is expected to name some of his Cabinet picks on Tuesday, President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s transition team will officially announce its first cabinet appointments on Tuesday, said Ron Klain, Mr. Biden’s incoming White House chief of staff, … Continue reading

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How COVID Has Turbo Charged Big Tech – FT

What happens when a pandemic collides with technological change? Covid-19 has shaken business to its core. The FT’s Lex maps how the landscape is changing – FT

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The Biden Cabinet: Prediction Markets Making Big Bets On XX Chromosome Set

This post is dedicated to our very loved colleague and friend, Carol K., who has been bravely fighting a relapse of ovarian cancer.  She received the results today she is cancer-free.  She is a true warrior and we never had … Continue reading

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Can Low Inflation Withstand The Pandemic Recovery Effort?

We’ve always maintained inflation is not measured correctly just as the video assets as is the supply of “money.” We’ll go further, and have several times, and say “money“ cannot be even defined today. Stay tuned.

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Time For A Few Victory Laps

First, Carol K. nailed the Electoral College: [Before our post, It’s Showtime: GMM/Grace Election Prediction, Global Macro Monitor conducted an internal poll about personal predictions on the election outcome.  Carol K.’s –>  Ok, my predictions: 305 EV Biden; wins pop vote by 5.937985%.   If … Continue reading

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A True American Hero

This Navy Seal led the raid that captured Osama and was one of the few Four Stars that spoke out to save America.   His commencement speech at the University of Texas is a must-listen if you haven’t already heard it. … Continue reading

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The Economics Of Wine

What does an economist know about wine? Given that many wines need years to mature, how can one predict which ones will be great or not? Princeton’s Orley Ashenfelter explains how he used economic principles and regression analysis to predict … Continue reading

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