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Germany The Winner In COVID Economic Management

Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma joins Fareed to grade countries around the world on their responses to Covid-19 and their economic resiliency to the crisis. Source: CNN Click here to view video

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Sweden Pays Price For Not Locking Down

“There is no pain-free solution to living with COVID-19” Lots of B.S. out there about how “Sweden did it right.”  Take a few minutes and watch the following video. We have always maintained, from day one,  that to lock down … Continue reading

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COTD: COVID Growth Impact – Statista

COTD:  Chart of the Day The World Bank published its latest Global Economic Prospects report on Monday, providing us with another glimpse of the expected economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to its revised forecasts, the global economy will shrink by 5.2 … Continue reading

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