Sweden Pays Price For Not Locking Down

“There is no pain-free solution to living with COVID-19”

Lots of B.S. out there about how “Sweden did it right.”  Take a few minutes and watch the following video.

We have always maintained, from day one,  that to lock down or to stay open was a false choice.  Sweden is almost as close to a laboratory case as we are going to get, which illustrates that if consumers don’t feel safe from the virus, the economic results will be the same, or even worse,  as “keeping everything open” or locking things down.  False choice.

We posted in April,

Reopening The Economy

Yes, we get it, the country has to get back to work.

Not so simple, however.  We are faced with a false choice.

Imagine the disaster when the COVID cases begin to spike in Georgia?  That, among many worse things, would clip 20 percent off the S&P in one day.

Will the barbershops and massage parlors on Peachtree Street in Atlanta still have customers when the new cases begin to tick up even though their open signs are out?

We have to get this right, folks.  Listen to the scientists and  F the politics. — GMM, April 21st

Yes, there has been a huge spike in COVID cases in Georgia since April 21st, up over 500 percent.


How the good people of Georgia elected — strike that — let Brian Kemp take the reigns as governor defies all rationality.



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Then, again, we are not exactly living in a period of enlightenment.  If it’s not in the National Enquirer, it’s fake news, no?

Locking Down Is Super Regressive

We did have an epiphany however that locking down the economy is super regressive and disproportionately hurts the working class, who can’t work from home.  There has to be a better way.  Maybe next January.

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