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Why Housing Can Skew Inflation Numbers | WSJ

This should sound very familiar to GMM readers!

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QOTD: Crypto’s Cryptic Economic Impact

OOTD = Quote of the Day Interesting quote but don’t discount the deleterious wealth effect on aggregate demand of a “so-called” asset class wiping out $2 trillion in wealth in the past year.  We have always maintained that the value … Continue reading

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Downtown Ghost Towns

Thank goodness we didn’t buy that hot dog stand on 17th and Pennsylvania in downtown Washington! A key problem is federal government employees are still largely at home. President Biden vowed in March that “the vast majority of federal workers will once … Continue reading

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Average Gas Price During Thanksgiving Week

We are always intrigued by how the financial media cherry-picks nominal and real data.  Though this week’s national average gas price tops all observations in the following chart, the current real gas price in 2012 dollars is roughly $2.81, down … Continue reading

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Manufacturing In America – FT

The FT’s global business columnist Rana Foroohar looks at why the US should bring manufacturing jobs back home. In the second of three films based on her new book, ‘Homecoming: the path to prosperity in a post-global world’, she follows … Continue reading

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Friday CK Chart Fest – November 18th

Global Recovery  Inflation Forecasts PPI Thanksgiving Dinner Inflation Running + 20% Retail Sales Auto Sales Bouncing Back  Wage Price Spiral Rich Chinese Buying Singapore Condos Emerging Market Default Probabilities EM Defaults Treasury Market Liquidity Public Debt Trajectory Walmart Reports Household … Continue reading

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Foreign Cen Banks Continue To Dump Coupon Treasuries

If you are not watching this space, you won’t know what hits you when it hits you.  Central banks, both the Fed and foreign, have morphed from the largest buyers of Treasury notes and bonds over the past two decades … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: 3D Printed [Vegan] Steak

Here is a reminder never to underestimate human ingenuity.  The major reason why thinking linearly (straight-line extrapolating the past into the future) can get you into trouble and wreak havoc on your forecasts and prediction. h/t:  Jerri and  ZeroHedge

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Crypto Crash Dings TB12 and Steph

It’s disheartening to see two of sports’ GOATs caught up in the crypto implosion.  Can’t say they weren’t warned.   Tom Brady going to ruin his reputation by promoting crypto. Then, again, he promoted Trump in ‘16 and called an audible … Continue reading

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COTD: Diabetes Nation

COTD = Chart of the Day Nice chart with some ugly data from Statista.  We have added the following table for some context of scale.

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