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Art Cashin Is Pure Gold

When Art Cashin speaks, we listen.  He is the best in the business and such a great man.  If you are going to listen to any of the market pundits,  Art is your guy.   So great to see him back. … Continue reading

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Time For Some Context, Again

Money Fueled Bubble Speculative manias gather speed through expansion of money and credit. Most expansions of money and credit do not lead to a mania; there are many more economic expansions than there are manias. But every mania has been … Continue reading

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Not Your Big Sister’s Economy & Stock Market Anymore

Stunning transformation of the world’s largest stocks over the past decade-and-a-half. When normalized to global GDP it also illustrates the economic and market power of the largest stocks. The data in the below table show that the the top eight … Continue reading

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Investing In The Economy Of The Future

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. – Wayne Gretzky   By Carol K. I have argued for many years, and contrary to popular opinion that self-directed investors (SDI), who are not … Continue reading

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REITs For The Right Reason

By Carol K. Summary These are my favorite REITs with fully intact dividends as of 7/29/20 REIT 90% payout requirement for 2020 pushed to Dec 31, 2021 There is no free lunch, i.e., the risk/reward tradeoff A REIT really is … Continue reading

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Context and Stock Valuations

The S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) closed up 0.79 percent today while the equal-weighted  S&P500 Index ETF (RSP) was down 0.53 percent.  Based on the closing prices of both ETFs from Yahoo Finance,  SPY is now up 1.80 percent year-to-date versus … Continue reading

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The COVID Economy In Suspended Animation

Summary The U.S. economy is not real and in a current state of “suspended animation” The COVID rescue package has introduced significant distortions into the economy The “Corona Capitalists,” some very well capitalized and liquid corporations, have accounted for a … Continue reading

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Riding The Gravy Train: S&P500 Key Levels

The U.S. stock market is very expensive and narrow, led by large-cap tech with S&P500 range-bound between 3233 and 2965, a 9 percent range, closing today at the upper 1/3rd of that range.   Not a fan, and a dangerous market, … Continue reading

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Statista’s New Chart Looks Familiar

It makes us a little nervous when we see our ideas, opinions, and charts starting to be adopted as conventional wisdom. A New Bull Market…In Bullshit Though the cheerleaders are still preaching a new bull market, the only new bull … Continue reading

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Introducing Our CK-35 Large Cap Portfolio

We have been teasing you over the past month about rolling out the CK-35 portfolio of GMM’s new crack stock picker, Carol K.   The CK-35 has a nice ring to it, no?  Kinda the like the NIkkei 225? Huge Outperformance … Continue reading

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