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BFTP: How to Become a Trillionaire And Other Thoughts

BTFP:  Blast From The Past Time to repost our piece from January 2017, almost two weeks before the Trump administration took power. We hit the big topics back then which are now making headlines today:  1)  Modern Monetary Theory;  2)  … Continue reading

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Inflation With A Draghi Tatoo?

Draghi: QE is part of our toolbox and can be considered to be useable by the Governing Council in contingencies. We’ve always considered this and it has now been sanctioned by the ECJ — European Central Bank (@ecb) December 13, … Continue reading

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Distorted Inflation Data & Dynamic Pricing

Just bought Bob Woodward’s new book for a birthday gift from Amazon yesterday for $18.00.  I tried to buy another one this morning and was quoted a price of  $19.32 per book.   That’s Venezuela-esque inflation, folks.  Works out to … Continue reading

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Inflation Drives Apple Market Cap To One Trillion Dollars

1012 Apple’s market cap hit 1012 dollars today. Impressive but no pom-poms here at Global Macro Monitor.  We would be more impressed if Apple’s main businesses were doing better and the company was more focused on electrical engineering rather than … Continue reading

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QOTD: Paul Tudor Jones

Note, no mention of “recession”, the trigger for the cheerleaders.  The bear market of    1962 and 1987 occurred with robust economic growth. You look at every bear market and they’ve always basically occurred because of an uptick in inflation … Continue reading

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Inflation Rising…Super Spike In Yields Coming?

Yield curve flattening trades will flatten you in the next six months.  The march toward 4 percent on the 10-year will continue after record shorts square up positions just a little bit more. Inflation moving higher. Moreover, the supply/demand flow … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics…And The CPI

The first three of those words are attributed to the British Prime Minister,  Benjamin Disraeli, and also sometimes associated with Mark Twain. You know our skepticism of most government data, especially the BLS calculation of inflation in consumer goods and … Continue reading

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What’s The Matter With Inflation?

What’s The Matter Kansas  inflation? The divergence of official inflation as measured by the government versus inflation realized by the consumer and businesses has never been greater, in our opinion.   Go ask anybody on the street in America and … Continue reading

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Deflation Or Change In Relative Prices?

Interesting chart via statista measuring the cost of one hour of light through ages. We find it relevant today as there is much confusion over the concept of deflation and inflation.  It appears many can’t distinguish between the difference between … Continue reading

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QOTD: Super Mario Speaks

“Deflationary forces have been replaced by reflationary ones.”  – Mario Draghi

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