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Stocks On A Long Monetary Leash

M2 Money Stock – Weekly % Year-on-Year Change  Stunning to see the weekly monetary aggregates (M2) continue to grow at an unprecedented 25 percent year-on-year rate.  Not so stunning to see the stock market mania being led and fueled by … Continue reading

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QOTD: Inflationary Pressure In The Pipeline

QOTD = Quote of the Day Inflationary pressures have started to return to the manufacturing sector, with October seeing the first – albeit slight – increases in both input costs and output prices since the first half of 2019. Demand … Continue reading

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Shocked, Shocked To Find Inflation Going On Here

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.6 percent in July, its largest increase since January 1991.  The index for motor vehicle insurance increased sharply in July, as it did the previous month. The indexes for shelter, … Continue reading

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Gold’s Tower Of Terror Trade & The Coming Of Stagflation

I was just explaining to a close friend earlier today how gold can sometimes be a “Tower of Terror” trade where the bottom falls out of the price for no apparent reason.  In addition, the metal is mainly driven by … Continue reading

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Inflation, Minimum Wages, Suicide, & Karl Marx

Is the rise of the global populism the result of a mismeasurement of inflation? “Look around the world, I see small revolutions everywhere, in France with the gilets jaunes, Brexit in the UK, the election of Trump. I see a … Continue reading

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Is Real Populism On The Way?

The new cover of Time thinks so. Real populism is usually rooted in left-wing economic policies of soaking the rich, import-substitution trade policies and zero concern of protecting the wealth of the elites, which is mostly held in the financial genre of … Continue reading

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BFTP: How to Become a Trillionaire And Other Thoughts

BTFP:  Blast From The Past Time to repost our piece from January 2017, almost two weeks before the Trump administration took power. We hit the big topics back then which are now making headlines today:  1)  Modern Monetary Theory;  2)  … Continue reading

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Inflation With A Draghi Tatoo?

Draghi: QE is part of our toolbox and can be considered to be useable by the Governing Council in contingencies. We’ve always considered this and it has now been sanctioned by the ECJ — European Central Bank (@ecb) December 13, … Continue reading

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Distorted Inflation Data & Dynamic Pricing

Just bought Bob Woodward’s new book for a birthday gift from Amazon yesterday for $18.00.  I tried to buy another one this morning and was quoted a price of  $19.32 per book.   That’s Venezuela-esque inflation, folks.  Works out to … Continue reading

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Inflation Drives Apple Market Cap To One Trillion Dollars

1012 Apple’s market cap hit 1012 dollars today. Impressive but no pom-poms here at Global Macro Monitor.  We would be more impressed if Apple’s main businesses were doing better and the company was more focused on electrical engineering rather than … Continue reading

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