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Hamburger Inflation: Input Costs

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Thank You, Mr. Gundlach

In our Monday post, we stated, Absolutely stunning to see such large budget deficits as far as the eye can see with the actual and projected unemployment rate under 5 percent. What kind of budget deficit beast will we run … Continue reading

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Inflation Is Here, Get Used To It

I stopped to grab a burger in Marin County today and was kind of shocked to see the following posted on the front door.     That is a pretty steep starting wage for nonskilled labor, and $5.00 more than … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan on Debt, Deficit, Tax Cuts – Bloomberg

Excellent interview.   Upshot?  Inflation cometh. Apr.18 — Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan joined Bloomberg Television for a wide-ranging discussion about U.S. debt, the current rate hike path, Europe’s new direction and his reading assignment for the Republicans. … Continue reading

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Heavy Drinking Americans And Seasonal Adjustment

Interesting piece in WashPost the other day,  Where the heaviest-drinking Americans live …who among us is likely to do the most drinking this holiday season? The Department of Health and Human Services recently updated the official federal statistics on the percent … Continue reading

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Stratfor: Euro Fracture

As the European Union splinters, Stratfor’s Reva Bhalla examines the limits of Continental integration being sought by European policymakers. For more analysis, visit: (click here if video is not observable)

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Dude, Where Is Food and Crude?

Now these are the tax cuts we like!   Especially because the big flop in food prices directly benefits the poor (x/ farmers) more than anyone else. Thus far, these are relative price shifts and and not a sign of general … Continue reading

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Food Fight

Check out the BLS Foodstuffs sub-index which is now right at key support.  The better than expected USDA report hammered the grains last week and traders now have to decide either to stay with the Ag trade or dump their … Continue reading

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Jimmy (the Trader) Crack(s) Corn and Says Adios to QE2

Wow!  December Corn futures finally opens with a 13.4 percent loss from Wednesday’s high to the opening low.  Wheat has also been hammered. The WSJ reports, As recently as June 9, USDA officials had guessed that excessive rain and widespread … Continue reading

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10 Questions for Chairman Bernanke

If we were attending the Fed’s historic press conference tomorrow,  here are the ten questions we would ask Chairman Bernanke: 1)  Do you think the new monetary policy tool of the Federal Reserve of paying interest on reserves (IOR) is … Continue reading

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