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Quality Of Earnings?

Rosie is a bear but a credible bear, and not a perma-bear. The financial engineering game ends when the government starts to play. Glushkin Sheff's Dave Rosenberg: nearly 2/3 of US corporate profit growth is due to tax cut and … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan on Debt, Deficit, Tax Cuts – Bloomberg

Excellent interview.   Upshot?  Inflation cometh. Apr.18 — Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan joined Bloomberg Television for a wide-ranging discussion about U.S. debt, the current rate hike path, Europe’s new direction and his reading assignment for the Republicans. … Continue reading

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iPhone Demand Sparks New Worries For Apple | CNBC

Thought tax cuts were going to lead us to the new economic Shangri-La? Random thought:  We hear much about how the corporate tax cut has changed the game for profits.   Isn’t this just the government jumping into the financial engineering … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tax Cut Will Widen Trade Deficit

Last year’s Republican tax plan was hailed as a victory for US President Donald Trump, but it carries a hidden cost: a ballooning US trade deficit. As happened after Ronald Reagan’s cuts in the 1980s, Trump’s cut is almost certain … Continue reading

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