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The Neuroscience Of Branding – Big Think

#CKStrong   Ready to breach the 1300 ANC level.  You go, girl!  Fascinating stuff!  “Powerful branding can not only change how you feel about a company, it can actually change how your brain is wired. “We love to think of ourselves … Continue reading

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Not Your Big Sister’s Economy & Stock Market Anymore

Stunning transformation of the world’s largest stocks over the past decade-and-a-half. When normalized to global GDP it also illustrates the economic and market power of the largest stocks. The data in the below table show that the the top eight … Continue reading

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COTD: Apple’s Global Supply Chain

COTD:  Chart of the Day Maybe a bit dated but you get the picture, no surprise, China dominates the supply chain, which also includes fabs.  Apple is very exposed to a protracted or forever trade war and deterioration of the global … Continue reading

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Bid Adieu To The Ownership Economy – Auto Subscriptions?

Wow, now this!   Car subscriptions?  The end of auto dealerships? Recurring revenue is the new gold.   Microsoft was a wet dawg for years until it moved Windows Office to a monthly subscription basis, which locks in users to a monthly … Continue reading

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Stress Testing Apple

Goldman finally getting around to stress testing Apple as the trade war escalates.  They are out today warning Apple is in a world of hurt if China targets the iPhone maker in the trade war. The U.S.-China trade war could … Continue reading

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The Most Successful “Garage Band” Companies

That we are aware of… Apple Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had withdrawn from Reed College and UC Berkeley respectively by 1975. Wozniak designed a video terminal that he could use to log on to the minicomputers at Call Computer. Alex Kamradt commissioned the design and sold … Continue reading

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2019’s Five Most Mispriced Tail Events

  Trump Leaves Office By Year-End There is only one thing Trump likes more than power – money.  As his legal troubles grow exponentially in 2019, the president has an epiphany that he could lose all his wealth.  He cuts … Continue reading

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Ten Good Weekend Reads – January 4

Major themes set to shape markets in 2019 – FT Five Doom Loops to Navigate in 2019 – Bloomberg As China Talks Begin, Trump’s Trade Negotiator Tries to Keep President From Wavering – NY Times Japan in 2019: 10 surprises … Continue reading

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Current iPhone Prices

Hmm…  Wonder if the X Max price is hedonically adjusted to compensate for its superior technology to show there really has been no iPhone price inflation? Hedonic quality adjustment is one of the techniques the CPI uses to account for changing … Continue reading

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Apple Bulls Prepare To Defend The Red Zone

The market has spoken. Apple stock has taken out the Christmas Eve low at $146.59 in tonight’s after-hours trading.   Tough to gauge the true conviction until tomorrow’s open. Nevertheless,  the Apple bulls, which includes Mr. Buffett, need to move into … Continue reading

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