Ten Good Weekend Reads – January 4


  • Major themes set to shape markets in 2019 – FT
  • Five Doom Loops to Navigate in 2019 – Bloomberg
  • As China Talks Begin, Trump’s Trade Negotiator Tries to Keep President From Wavering – NY Times
  • Japan in 2019: 10 surprises – Japan Times
  • Powell May Mark The Beginning Of An Independent Fed – Forbes
  • In Defense of the Fed by Stephen S. Roach – Project Syndicate
  • Behind Lumber’s Collapse: A Perfect Storm of Housing and Trade – WSJ



  • Apple’s China Trouble Makes Trump’s Trade War Harder to Defend – Bloomberg
  • China annual auto sales fall for first time in about two decades with more pain on the way – CNBC
  • The EU and Euro Keep Defying the Doomsayers – Bloomberg


  • What happens if Mueller comes up empty – CNN
  • Snake-Oil Economics: The Bad Math Behind Trump’s Policies, N. Gregory Mankiw – Foreign Affairs
  • China’s Moon Landing: Lunar Rover Begins Its Exploration – NY Times
  • 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2019 – Foreign Policy
  • The Ghosts of Brazil’s Military Dictatorship – Foreign Affairs

Where to invest in 2019? | The Economist


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