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The Global Supply & Demand Shock Of The Coronavirus

Our analysis of the impact of the Coronavirus is a work in progress and nobody knows the endgame.  It is still the early days of the epidemic, and its dynamics will take time to understand. The scale of the impact … Continue reading

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Our Kafkaesque World Encapsulated In One Tweet/Video

See here for a good primer on the term Kafkaesque. “So disorienting and illogical” Screening for guns but no screen if you’re packing at the state Capitol.   WTF? That’s less than a chip shot away from the logic of the … Continue reading

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The Rise Of The China Market In All Things

China's share of global consumption today, relative to its level when SARS hit (via BCA Research) — Mike Bird (@Birdyword) January 30, 2020

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Tesla Is Off The Charts

Tesla is gapping up 12% after hours after releasing earnings. We know several shorts who have been destroyed over the past six months.   The stock is up 270 percent from its June lows.  Rather stunning. This comes after the company … Continue reading

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How The Coronavirus Affects The Body

This is how the Wuhan coronavirus affects the body — CNN (@CNN) January 29, 2020

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Copper Flop

If true, quite an impressive slump… This is nuts Copper has fallen for 10-straight days, the worst run since at least 1986! — Thomas Biesheuvel (@tbiesheuvel) January 28, 2020  

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iPhone Back To Positive Revenue Growth, Will The Stock Return To Fundamentals?

Apple’s stock has been on a tear ever since the company’s quarterly year-on-year iPhone revenue growth went negative.  Of course, the market had anticipated it and sold-off prior to the hard data coming out.   As the following chart illustrates,  Apple’s … Continue reading

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Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World

“No warning on earth can save people determined to grow suddenly rich.” – Lord Overstone Just to put things into perspective. Combined mkt cap of #Apple and #Microsoft is now $400bn larger than the entire German stock market value. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Spreading To Heart of China Manufacturing

BREAKING: Shantou, a city in Guangdong province with nearly 5.5 million people, will be put on total lockdown from midnight — BNO Newsroom (@BNODesk) January 26, 2020 Coronavirus scare starting to hit big manufacturing cities and is definitely going to … Continue reading

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Panic Spreads In The Twitterati

The following Tweet is startling.  Dr. Feigl-Ding is from Harvard. Make sure to watch the video we posted earlier for background on defining R0. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD – the new coronavirus is a 3.8!!! How bad is that reproductive … Continue reading

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