A Few Surprises Could Make 2011 a Winner – WSJ
Dealbreaker 8/24/11
Central Bankers on the Brink – WSJ
FT Alphaville

Did Apple just save the entire stock market?
14 Most Important Business Stories for Today

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What Worked in 2011… and What Didn’t – WSJ
FMTrading Blog
Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns

FT Alphaville

WSJ:  MarketBeat

Treasury Bonds: A Crowded Long?

Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Year – WSJ
5 Things You Need to Know Before the Stock Market Opens

Financial Experts Make Fearless Predictions for 2012

Ignore politics when investing until you cannot

Romney’s Gift from Bernanke

Is the correction over, Mr. Fibonacci? – MarketBeat, WSJ
Weekly Eurozone watch – fantastic series of charts here at Global Macro Monitor
Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns
WSJ Market Beat – Morning Lin
FT Alphaville – Bernanke disappoints goldbugs
Finance blogger wisdom: a lifetime of good investing
Finance blogger wisdom: changed thinking
Risk Reversal Macro wrap
WSJ – MarketBeat
The CLOUDFinance Daily
Marc to Market
Top clicks this week on Abnormal Return
WSJ – MarketBeat
Doug Kass – Topping Out
FastMoney – Doug Kass: Catalyst in Market Is Negative and Unappreciated
Technicals show global stock rally ‘hanging by a thread’ – Author Correction Please! MarketWatch – Fiscal cliff collides with a replay of the Bush v Gore 2000 fiasco.  Not good
Zero Hedge – Guest Post:  The Political Black Swan
How the Soros Funds Lost Game Of Chicken Against Tech Stocks – WSJ
5 gut checks before the stock market’s opening bell – MarketWatch
Inside the Market – The Globe and Mail
Easing Ain’t Easy – Reuters
Chart of the Day – MarketWatch
A Really Good Year—Wins and Losses of 2012 – Wall Street Journal
Pre-Marketing: Tom Wolfe returns to Wall Street – CNN
Gold has got to hold, meltdown has begun –  Global FX
Gold: Time to get worried? Or greedy? – MarketWatch
7 gut checks before the stock market’s opening bell – MarketWatch
A qui appartient le marche des actions americaines? – Traders Magazine (France)
WTF Were They Thinking – The Big Picture
5 gut checks before the stock market’s opening bell – MarketWatch
If Houses Traded Like Bonds – The Big Picture
Bond links – Trading Deck,  MarketWatch
The Market at Mid-year: What’s Coming Next –  WSJ
Stocks Recover, but Face a Rough Ride – WSJ
Super Bowl prop-bet arbitrage  – Bloomberg
To The 1%ers: “You Better Wake The F**K Up!”Zero Hedge
If Donald Trump really is like JFK, it could get even uglier for the stock market- MarketWach
This chart has nailed it so far, and if it continues, the market is in big trouble
The Eerie JFK-Trump Analog – Real Clear Markets
Falling Deutsche Bank shares reignite ‘black swan’ worries – MarketWatch


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