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QOTD: Beautiful Or Bleak America?

QOTD:  Quote of the Day     One of the most profound quotes I have come across recently from a best friend, fellow economist, and member of my Socratic Club, a debating society I have belonged for over twenty years.  … Continue reading

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America’s Reality Show Gets Real: The Moment I Knew America Was In Trouble

Summary  The U.S. stock market is the most overvalued in history using our valuation metric of stock market capitalization-to-GDP The U.S. has failed to address four major issues, which have now passed their tipping points and has destabilized the American … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s New Market Narrative

Why Microsoft Should Be a Cornerstone In All Portfolios By Carol K. First, let me state unequivocally I am NOT a Microsoft (MSFT) product fangirl.  Since 2005, I have only purchased Apple (AAPL) products for myself and my children. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Time To Fear The American Street

I used to go home every night as a young Wall Street trader worried about how instability on the “Arab Street” would adversely impact my long unhedged positions.  If you have been a reader of the Global Macro Monitor over … Continue reading

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SOTD: Strange Days Indeed

SOTD – Song of the Day One of readers was incredibly perceptive to pick up a line in our last post, Cue The Economic Recovery, and attribute it to this Lennon song.  Gaaawd, John was good! Hat Tip: Matthew Lamb

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Cue The Economic Recovery

Summary The Russell 2000’s relative performance is now sniffing out the economic recovery, which will be reflected in a record Q3 GDP print, a bounce from the record first-half economic collapse  It is not unreasonable that we will see a … Continue reading

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Steph Curry Is Priceless

This is must view, folks….

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One Of Our Best Trades Ever – Mike Trout

While we are reposting, we thought we’d take a victory lap circle of the bases.  The following was originally posted on April 23, 2019, which was a victory lap of a repost from 2012,  We’re buyers of Mike Trout’s rookie card. … Continue reading

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Get up and fight, sucker!

Blast from the past. We saw a lot of hits on our site today for this post from last year.  Very apropos as it time for America to get up and fight this virus and recession.   And like the Champ … Continue reading

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Remembering The Sacrifice Of The Fallen On Memorial Day: A Harry Smith Essay

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