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Just As The Doctor Ordered

Don’t think its over, however…. Technical: $ES hit the 200MA. Perfectly. — Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) February 27, 2020

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S&P’s Beastly Streak: Five Consecutive Red Candlesticks

Extremely ugly price action today with the S&P reversing a 54.30 point gain to close down 11.82 points, carving out a 5th consecutive red daily candlestick. Such an ungodly losing streak is relatively rare and has not happened since the … Continue reading

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The Supply Chain Gangbangers

I had a conversation last night with a friend who works in construction management. She said her side of the business is screeching to a halt as the company can’t get materials and furniture out of China.   True story. WTF?  … Continue reading

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The Stock Market’s Key GPS Coordinates

Ugly two daze of trading.   In fact, two of the four largest point drops in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Index.   The S&P500 is now sitting right on a key Fib level at 3124.74. Now What? A  bounce … Continue reading

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Curse Of The Magazine Cover Strikes Again!

Wow, the Economist had almost perfect timing. After publishing the following cover on Thursday, the Nasdaq 100 is down 7 percent in two days.   Regression To The Mean So, is there anything to the Magazine Cover Jinx?    We … Continue reading

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Stonks Finally Mugged By A Dose Of Reality

After watching this incredible bubble go up every-freaking-day and the speculative fever feed on itself, the market finally got its reality check today. Tied For Second Largest Point Drop (rounding up) Today’s flop marks only the third time in history … Continue reading

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How Broken Are The Markets? This Broken…

Completely FUBAR… TLT is +1.8% today. Up more than its annual yield. That's why this is happening. Cap gains > annual yields — Stevie Vixx (@vixcontango) February 24, 2020

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Why We’re Big Fans Of Johnny “Cash”

Of course, if Larry M.’s Lehman-like drawdown scenario is realized, haven flows and shorts will pile into long-notes and bonds as a proxy short but we have no interest in trading fixed-income securities with a 100 bps negative real yield. … Continue reading

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COTD: Bank Lending Divergence

COTD = Chart of the Day Big divergence in bank lending to consumers and businesses.  Consumer lending y/y growth fairly steady but hard to tell what is causing the steep fall-off in the growth of lending to the corporate sector.  … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Pandemic: The Next Two Weeks Are Critical

Chris Martenson. Ph.D. from Duke in Toxicology is very good on this topic and one of the first out with a correct analysis of the coronavirus.  We posted his first video when there were only a few thousand cases reported. … Continue reading

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