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How The U.S. Made Inflation Worse

Not a bad primer video from CNBC on the Fed’s policy mistakes, which we all are now, literally, paying for. I would add that monetary policy is a black box, mainly because we can’t define the money supply, much less … Continue reading

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The Moment I Knew America Was In Trouble, 3.0

We are reposting a piece from June 1, 2020 as we are very concerned about the stability of the American Street and how much of our country is slouching toward a bizarre and unprecedented form of a dangerous fascism. [A]t … Continue reading

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QOTD: Time To Fear The American Street

QOTD: Quote of the Day Putin and Xi couldn’t do it better than Fox News.

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History Is Not On Inflation’s (or the Fed’s) Side

CPI inflation hit 9.1 percent in June.  The FinMedia is quick to point out it was “the highest level in more than forty years,”   We doubt you will hear (at least from them) any context or the rest of the … Continue reading

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The World’s Breadbasket

There was some rare good news out of Ukraine today when a vessel loaded with 26,000 tons of corn left the port of Odesa — the first legal shipment of grain since Russia’s invasion began in late February. It’s a … Continue reading

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