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Where The Next Financial Crisis Begins

Our good friend, King David, just forwarded this Bloomberg headline to remind us of a post we made back in 2018, which we have reposted below.  Maybe, or maybe not, but you should have the following analysis in your quiver, … Continue reading

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Memo to Wall Street:  The Monetary Cavalry Ain’t Coming

For the past 25 years, markets have depended on central banks to bail them out because of the delusion that “inflation had been vanquished to the dustbin of history.” Even after the Jay Powell smackdown, we still hear talk of … Continue reading

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History Is Not On Inflation’s (or the Fed’s) Side

CPI inflation hit 9.1 percent in June.  The FinMedia is quick to point out it was “the highest level in more than forty years,”   We doubt you will hear (at least from them) any context or the rest of the … Continue reading

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The United Socialist States of America (USSA)

You’d think the Fed governors would have the sense the political problem they are creating for themselves.  Pumping up the stock market — supporting corporate bonds will do that —  while Main Street suffers is a recipe for sweeping changes … Continue reading

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Trump & Co Must Abandon The Stock Market To Save It

No bottom in stocks or the economy until the test kits are ubiquitous.   We believe markets want an aggressive plan and action to treat the disease rather than focusing on the symptoms. Then markets will take care of themselves and … Continue reading

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A Short Stay At The Bear Trap Inn

As we suspected in last night’s post, A break of today’s low at 2945.23 cinches a beeline move to the 50-day, where algos will likely set their bear trap and try and bounce the market.  We expect a feeble bounce at best, … Continue reading

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Why Did Stocks Fall After Rate Cut?

Gravity.  Stock prices are waaay too high. Stocks went down not because the Fed messed up.  If they needed to cut 50 bps and signal more to come because of coming economic weakness, what in heavens name were stocks doing … Continue reading

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Dollar Impact On U.S. Manufacturing Employment

We have been busy on a piece evaluating the U.S. economy under the first 29 months of the Trump administration.  As I used to bark out selling programs as a young kid at Dodger Stadium, “You can’t tell the players … Continue reading

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FOMC: Bid Adieu to QT

Just our quick take on today’s Fed. The major takeaway from today’s FOMC announcement is the end of QT in September with the cap moving down to $15 billion in the SOMA Treasury portfolio in May. The Committee intends to … Continue reading

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Week In Review – January 4

Summary What a week to start the year. U.S. stocks trading like an emerging market Big money flows into emerging markets, particularly big Latins.  Look at move yields and currency U.S. bond yields spiked on Friday as stock shorts, as … Continue reading

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