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First Solar Swan Diving – “Game Ender?”

First Solar missed big on both the top and bottom line and is down 8 percent in after hours trading.    Fast Money interviewed Axiom Capital analyst,  Gordon Johnson, who has been spot-on with his analysis, “the fact that banks are … Continue reading

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Westport Innovations: A Nattie Play That Has Worked

Westport is a nattie/crude oil arb play (see last week’s post here) we’ve  dabbled in and sold waaaaaaay too early.  No earnings yet, but strong revenue growth.  Buying it here?  Place your bets. The collapse in natural gas prices, which … Continue reading

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Does the Solar ETF Reflect the Chances of Obama 2.0?

Take a look at the Solar ETF’s performance over the past couple of years.   We, along with the President and most Democrats, were all lathered up about the “Green Economy” leading us into a new economy.    What a disaster! Granted … Continue reading

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500-million Chinese Using the Internet

Stunning! (click here if video is not observable)

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The 50 Most Innovative Companies

MIT’s Technology Review ranks the 50 most innovative companies.  The list is divided into public and private companies. A123 Systems Why: Lithium-ion batteries make electric cars possible at mass-market prices. Key innovation: Nanostructured electrodes result in lithium batteries more durable … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: The New Breakevens

With crude oil now officially back over $100 it’s our sense that markets will begin an intense focus on electric vehicles (EV).     Rather than TIPS, the new breakeven obsession will be at what price of gasoline does an electric vehicle … Continue reading

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Peru’s Meltdown

A  good friend from the hedge fund community and one of the best economists to have ever worked in the financial markets, and who also happens to be from Peru sent over a piece on the Andean glacier melt from … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: The Future of Ag?

As food prices spike and the Malthusian noise grows louder let’s take a look at what the “victory garden” of the future may look like.   Indoor Ag and hydroponics are already huge in the the production of the number one … Continue reading

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25 BRIC Stocks Targeted By Shorts

Great list compiled by the NASDAQ of the top 25 BRIC stocks which have seen a sharp increase in short interest in 4Q 2010.   Looks like big bets being made against Chinese solar,  possibly as targets of some sort of  … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: Volt’s Battery Capacity Could Double

That’s what were talking about! A break through in battery technology will really change the world as we know it.   MIT’s  Technology Review reports the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt and other battery-powered cars are looking at electrode materials … Continue reading

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