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Climate Change? Check The Data

A must view. Seems to be a structural change or tipping point took place in the 1990’s.  Getting hot outside, folks. What changed?  The rise of China and the massive increase in coal fired power plants. We have crossed the … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Copper

Classic inverse head & shoulders pattern for the weekly nearest copper futures chart.  The break out above 2.961 puts a measured move to 3.94 in play, which is about 20 percent above the current level.  The next big number for … Continue reading

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The Tale Of Two Fat Tails

In a normal probability distribution…blue curve), the odds of risky outcomes (bad stuff happening) are thin at the extremes. In fat-tailed distributions, such outcomes have a greater chance of occurring (the [greenish] curve). Source Non-normal distributions can be heavily skewed and … Continue reading

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Trump’s Worst Sin

Science Denier. Why?  Because it poses an existential threat to our civilization. Remember,  science, like civil law cases, is based on “preponderance of evidence”,  not “beyond reasonable doubt” as in criminal cases.  Many who argue against science confuse and conflate … Continue reading

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