Living Like A Climate Refugee

Cue Tom Petty.

Never thought I would live like a climate refugee but here I am again couch surfing trying to put together a Plan B as the family is staying at the Hyatt in another  city.  Four freaking straight years of this, you’d think a trend is developing.

I’ve joined an elite club, where the last two homes I lived have been destroyed by violent wildfires.

Wake Up World

Wake up world, Rome is burning.  Think of your children and grandchildren’s future.

No worries though, the stock market is rocking, no?

Was it Groucho that once said, “Bull markets are the opium of the people?”  Or was that some German dude, a Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead look alike?

Wherever you live, wherever you hide, however you delude yourself, climate change is coming for you.  Ignorance and denial, or “the Chinese hoax” is not going to shield your children or grandchildren from the violent forces of nature as Mother Earth convulses from the previous generations mistreatment.

The debate is over, Mother Nature is rendering her opinion: we live in a spaceship economy and not a cowboy economy.

In the memorable phrase of economist Kenneth Boulding, the United States was “cowboy economy,” with a frontier ethic of limitless resources.

Boulding suggested instead a “spaceship economy,” in which people conserve and reuse material and energy, like astronauts aboard an orbiting capsule. – NY Times

This One Hurts

Though I am not much of a Material Girl — “you never see a U-Haul behind a hearse” — this loss really hurts personally.  It was my favorite home that  I have ever lived.  Our long tree lined driveway always reminded me of Magnolia Lane at Augusta, home of the Masters Golf Tournament.

O, the fantasies, gone forever.

It may be a few weeks before GMM is back up and running.  Gotta buy some socks, underwear, toothpaste, a new computer, and, ya’ know, find a place to live.

I am thankful to be part of the Lucky Sperm Club (LSC) and have the means to make the transition relatively easy.  Not going to be so for most of the climate refugees of  the future. Brace yourselves.

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12 Responses to Living Like A Climate Refugee

  1. Morgan Bocchietti says:

    All the best in this adversity.



  2. Anne says:

    So very sorry!!! Yes, you are exactly right. Climate emergency is coming for us all. It may not burn every house down but it’s hitting agriculture around the world very hard with much much more to come.

  3. Crystal McMahon says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, and so glad that you all got out safely.

  4. Not a dumb ass says:

    Hey dumb ass. Trump did not burn your house down. Keep building in the fire zone and you will get the same results.

    • Don Jr. says:

      You are an ignorant fool. Go drink some more orange Kool-Aide. Trump is making the whole world a fire zone, a flood zone, and a shit show. Look forward to Trump Tower Leavenworth.

  5. Keg says:

    Ric n Maria’s rebuild from WF2017 is well along to occupy. A sleepless Monday nite as they watched the fire on the eastern ridge, the same ridge they fell to in 2017. Winds were favorable this time but fire season2020 is only half over.

  6. Rod Lorimer says:

    Gary, so saddened by your travails and loss of yet another home. That said, I admire your resilience and positive attitude! I still have my beatiful home in Albion, but left temporarily this week, not because it was threatened, but evacuation routes are fragile and easily compromised. So after my current mate lost her lovely home in Foutaingrove in the Tubbs fire, we remodeled a home in great location in Alameda on the water. Small lots, some impressive homes, lots of common green space, fun restaurants and diversity of age, ethnicity and thought. Unlikely wildfire problems, but of course earthquake and perhaps eventual ocean water level rise. This is now our go to home. Might want to crank that idea into your plan. Be happy to talkabout it. Best, Rod

    On Thu, Oct 1, 2020, 1:11 AM Global Macro Monitor wrote:

    > macromon posted: “Cue Tom Petty. Never thought I would live like a climate > refugee but here I am again couch surfing trying to put together a Plan B > as the family is staying at the Hyatt in another city. Four freaking > straight years of this, you’d think a trend is dev” >

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good luck moving forward.

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