QOTD: Get Freaking Real [Estate]

QOTD = Quote of the Day

Oh, dear!  I wonder if the FOMC is looking at the deflationary bust in virtual real estate?  Will Jay Powell mention it in his presser today?

Do you think real estate in the metaverse is at risk due to climate change?  After my last two homes where my family lived were incinerated in the Northern California wildfires,  I may be moving to a nice virtual beach house in the metaverse soon, and very soon. Escape to the metaverse!

By some accounts, virtual real estate in the metaverse has dropped by about 80 percent in value from its high point, more than the decline in physical real estate during the same period. – Hamza Khan, McKinsey & Co

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7 Responses to QOTD: Get Freaking Real [Estate]

  1. Joe Rourke says:

    So is there a market for residential design in the metaverse?

    Asking for curious architect who is pretty nifty in 3D programs.

  2. Joe Rourke says:

    Cheers Gregor on the link.

    I found one thing particularly amusing in WSJ video – the cliché of the architect studiously designing on a AO sized draughting board using ink and pencils while the ‘digital build’ gets handed off to hip gaming engine designers. I haven’t seen a board in architects office in over 15 years, and even then it was a single relic used for as a standing table for work in progress mark-ups (corrections) only and not design work. I have worked completely paperless for 7 years now. Semi paperless for 20. But it can be funny to see how stereotypical ideas persist.

    So, if anyone is interested in the architectural design aspect of this unreal world all I found a video on architecture firms (like ZHA) that are involved in metaverse design. Link follows.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very cool…

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