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Global Macro Watch – September 30

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Friday CK Chart Fest – September 30

Forced Liquidation  G7 Yields, Inflation, & Policy Rates  Euro Inflation Spike German Inflation Soars Gilts Gone Wild Mortgage Spreads Blowing Out Cue The Corporate Debt Reckoning Dollar Strength In Context  China Selling U.S. Treasuries  Inflation 101:  The Wage-Price Spiral  Hitting … Continue reading

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The Great Reset: The Bond Yield-Dollar Feedback Loop

The Great Reset is upon us.  All things as we have known and have become comfortably numb with, such as zero interest rates, negative real interest rates, quantitative easing (digital money printing), and Pax Americana, [and central bank dominance of the … Continue reading

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Putin’s Nuke Threat, Biden’s Decision Tree

That brings us to the other notable part of Putin’s call-up speech: the not-very-veiled nuclear threat. Would he really go that far? There are plenty of reasons to suggest that he wouldn’t. A tactical nuclear strike wouldn’t do much to advance his … Continue reading

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Global Macro Watch

What a historic week in all global markets!

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Friday CK Chart Fest

King Of Kings: The U.S. Dollar Capital Flight In EM Safe Haven Currencies Diverge Inflation In Japan, WTF?  Pre-Election Italian Sovereign Spreads Blow Out Chinese Yuan Tanking Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) Suffers Worst Drawdown Logistics Loosening Up U.S. Age Discrimination … Continue reading

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The Great Reset: “Saluta la signora Mussolini, il nuovo PM d’Italia”

As Wall Street whines about the Fed and seems to only care about getting stock prices higher, very few people we know can connect the dots and understand that the world economy and the post-war global geopolitical order, for that … Continue reading

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Is The Fed’s Heavy Lifting Almost Over?

Don’t bank it.  Avoiding a recession is not part of the Fed’s explicit dual mandate.  The Federal Reserve System has been given a dual mandate—pursuing the economic goals of maximum employment and price stability. – St Louis Fed Even after … Continue reading

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Radar Watch: The Copper/Gold Ratio

We don’t think copper has a Ph.D. in economics but possibly is an ABD.  If you are not buying copper hand-over-fist here, at $3.54 per lbs., you should be. We doubt there is enough copper in the world to electrify … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled; the 10-year yield is the chart and market indicator to monitor.  The Fed is no longer around to support notes and bonds, the ex-post real yield on the 10-year is still below -3.0 percent, and the spike … Continue reading

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