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Life In The “New Farm” Belt

We know the farm belt is in crisis, President Donald Trump’s trade war is magnifying some of the toughest farm conditions since the crisis that bankrupted thousands of farmers in the 1980s — and threatening a constituency crucial to his … Continue reading

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Tweet el Xi and Tweet el Jung?

We are a bit confused about last night’s POTUS tweet asking China to remove tariffs immediately on agricultural products.   We know the president is under tremendous pressure from farmers who are losing their arse and their farms in his trade … Continue reading

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QOTD: Free Trade, Please…

  The only policy that left- and right-wing populists can agree on to address economic decline is trade protectionism, which will make the world poorer.  A new type of populism that puts more trust in local communities may well have … Continue reading

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China trade deal is near and Beijing will get everything it wanted – CNBC

The U.S.-China trade dispute appears to be ending: Signals are pointing to a done deal. Based on those signs, China will continue to run large trade surpluses with the U.S., and it will never accept Washington-imposed reforms of its trade … Continue reading

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The Elusive China Trade Deal

Forbes asks the $382 billion question this morning,  Is A China Trade Deal Slipping Away? President Trump and Chinese leaders are trying to put a positive spin on their marathon trade talks, but the fact is that there is little … Continue reading

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China’s Pushback In Trade Talks Over Sovereignty

Bingo! Note our comment from an earlier post this evening, Seriously, folks,  do you really think the Middle Kingdom, with all its history and past glory, after climbing back to global superpower status, is now going to cave and give … Continue reading

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S&P500 Key Levels

The S&P closed right at or just a smidgen above its 200-day moving average.   The market rally based on a government shutdown deal?  Come on, man! Another government shutdown wasn’t priced, so why should stocks move on a deal? We … Continue reading

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The Trade Cascade…

The genius market pundits are/will attribute today’s modest decline to the following trade tape bomb from CNBC, Trump is ‘highly unlikely’ to meet Chinese President Xi before March trade deadline  – CNBC Sorry, the Dow was already down 250 points … Continue reading

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The Free Trade Debate: Markets Losing Patience

I bought of very nice pair of denim jeans the other night for $9.00.   When I was in grad school just a few decades ago, I paid $26.00 for a pair of lesser quality.  That is about $62.00 in 2018 … Continue reading

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How Trade Helps Both Sides – PIE

Interesting piece explaining comparative advantage.  Though it shows the gains,  those cake and pizza makers in each country get hurt.   We always propose taxing some of the gains from winners to help the losers.

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