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Why This QE Is Different In One Chart

Robin Hood traders don’t bother reading. The latest round of central bank balance sheet expansion, which will reaccelerate soon as Biden’s COVID bill is passed, needs some context. By the way, we did some rough approximations late last night and … Continue reading

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Global Fixed-Income Market

US Fixed Income Markets vs. Rest of World The U.S. fixed income markets are the largest in the world, comprising 40.0% of the $114 trillion securities outstanding across the globe, or $46 trillion (as of 2Q20). This is 2.0x the … Continue reading

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The Global Semiconductor Shortage

As the coronavirus crisis reshapes supply and demand, chip companies are scrambling. And if there’s an industry that can’t simply ramp up production in a hurry, or ask clients to do without their product for a while, or shift around … Continue reading

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Republicans Attack Dogs

Couldn’t decide on the title of this post: Republicans Attack Dogs or Republican Attack Dogs?   Went with the former to mock the SOS from the GOP.  Same MO different President. It’s not surprising that a man called Saint Bernard once … Continue reading

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Ready For 4 Percent CPI By Mid-Year?

Starting to hear lots of talk about inflation these days, something we have been seeing in the pipeline for the past six months. Input price inflation accelerated to a near-decade high in January. Costs increased to the greatest extent since … Continue reading

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