Republicans Attack Dogs

Couldn’t decide on the title of this post: Republicans Attack Dogs or Republican Attack Dogs?   Went with the former to mock the SOS from the GOP.  Same MO different President.

But now, the meanies at conservative media giant Newsmax have refused to throw man’s best friend a bone, attacking President Joe Biden’s dog, Champ, in a Friday segment. Host Greg Kelly felt the need to lift his leg and woof on the dog’s appearance, saying that Champ “looks a little rough,” and “needs a bath, a comb, and some loving care,” adding that he looks like he’s “from the junkyard.” – Deadline

Joe Cool is way too cool to take the bait and has bigger issues to worry about.

Does Mess With Fala

Not President Roosevelt however.  When Republicans messed with Fala, not only did FDR reel them in, he turned them into political dog chow.   No wonder #32 was elected to four consecutive terms.

Dogs Always Have The Last Laugh

The Party of Lincoln, which has morphed into the Party of QAnon, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan should be careful who they are pissing on, lest they be…ya’ know…and it is coming.

A Man And His Dog

We leave you with this moving photo of a man and his dog, which really touched us at the time it was taken.

Dedicated to the one I love. 

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