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Does This Look Like Risk Aversion?

What Is Risk Averse? The term risk-averse refers to investors who, when faced with two investments with a similar expected return, prefer the lower-risk option. Risk-averse can be contrasted with risk seeking.  – Investopedia The price has risen 30% since June alone, when … Continue reading

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Rent Control Issues Hit 7-year Bond Auction

At least, that is our view. We have worried out loud how global interest rate repression may cause ugly bond auctions. A problem that similarly arises in the rent-controlled housing market. …we are watching the Treasury auctions closely and suspect … Continue reading

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The People’s Republic of The Future

Great watch… When it comes to technology, Shenzhen may well be the most fascinating city in the world. It makes the majority of our electronics. It clones the best technology Silicon Valley has to offer with ease. And, these days, … Continue reading

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Are Central Banks Ready To Break Their Codependency?

Breaking our radio silence as we couldn’t help ourselves after reading former NY Fed President William Dudley’s piece imploring the Fed to stop enabling Trump’s  trade war. It sounds like central bankers are starting to realize they are, and have been, … Continue reading

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Moving Into Resistance

We see a lot of bears wearing the above Tee these days. This post will be short and sweet as we are getting ready to board a long flight and will be radio silent until next month. As we expected … Continue reading

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Now For Some Good News On Trade

WASHINGTON — Amid President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they support free trade with foreign countries, according to the latest national poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. That represents a new high in the NBC/WSJ survey … Continue reading

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Walmart Nation: Visual Capitalist

Some more context to our last post, Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation? Man, the content at the Visual Capitalist is good!  

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Trouble Coming To Walmart Nation?

Not so much for Walmart shareholders after the company beat estimates late in the week helping the stock (WMT) to close on Friday 7.7 percent off its low for the week.  MarketWatch notes the big-box retailer was helped by automation. … Continue reading

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Fake Waves: Surf’s Up

Beach Boys need to make a song about this one… Amazing — (@OrgPhysics) August 17, 2019

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“Fake Economic Data”: We Did Warn You

It was so predictable. Furthermore, it’s only a matter of time before our national economic data is labeled fake news and the product of manipulation by the “deep state.” Dig deeper and sharpen your pencils, folks.  – GMM, May 7th … Continue reading

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