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Euro banks tap LTRO2

(click here if video is not observable)

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S&P500 Sets Up for Correction

This is not the chart pattern the bulls want to see at a major resistance level.  Today’s high and low in the S&P exceeded yesterday’s thus carving out a  bearish engulfing/or outside reversal day.  One point on a chart is … Continue reading

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They’re Back………………

Well, not really.  A good friend of the Global Macro Monitor sent this over yesterday, which reflects a modified version of the mortgages that drove the Housing ATM and economy before the bust.    You can now refinance your home up … Continue reading

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Bernanke’s “No Mas” Send Gold, Bonds, & Yen into Swan Dive

Wow!  Take a look at gold, bonds, and the yen after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony on Capitol Hill was interpreted as “no mas” on further quantitative easing.  We we’re a little too complacent with our covered gold positions and … Continue reading

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First Solar Swan Diving – “Game Ender?”

First Solar missed big on both the top and bottom line and is down 8 percent in after hours trading.    Fast Money interviewed Axiom Capital analyst,  Gordon Johnson, who has been spot-on with his analysis, “the fact that banks are … Continue reading

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Perspective: February 1982

It’s easy to lose a longer term perspective when banging around in the markets everyday.   Here is a clip from the February 1982 issue of Technology Review, which illustrates why it’s important to think longer term and another reason why … Continue reading

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‘Toon of the Day

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Apple Nation: 3-mo Change in Mkt Cap = 4.4% of German GDP

Apple is once again ramping to a new high today.  This is one stunning stock as its  up over 46 percent since November 25th — an increase in market cap of over US$158 BN!   That’s larger than Hungary’s 2011 GDP, … Continue reading

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Charlie Rose: Daniel Yergin and the Oil Markets

Charlies Rose produces a very informative interview with Daniel Yergin on what’s currently driving the crude oil market.  We highly recommend you spend the 15 minutes. Daniel H. Yergin is an American author, speaker, and economic researcher. His first major … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: The New Americans of Europe

Here’s the pretext for our QOTD, The German parliament is set to approve a new multibillion euro bailout package for Greece on Monday, but instead of thanks, southern Europeans are expressing their dislike of us. Germans will have to get … Continue reading

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