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Gold Heading To $3,000

The gold move has been astounding but not surprising.  In our book, the main driver of gold is the perception of the central bank’s commitment to maintaining the purchasing power of its fiat currency.   Unless the Fed panics and begins … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Scarcity Asset

GaveKal reminds us why assets typically have value. They can be rare—gold bars, diamonds, houses on Victoria Peak, bottles of 1982 Pétrus, Van Gogh paintings, or They can generate cash flows over time We have been writing for years how … Continue reading

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Gold’s Tower Of Terror Trade & The Coming Of Stagflation

I was just explaining to a close friend earlier today how gold can sometimes be a “Tower of Terror” trade where the bottom falls out of the price for no apparent reason.  In addition, the metal is mainly driven by … Continue reading

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The Bubble In A Fairy Tale World

Great interview with Michael Novogratz, Galaxy Digital founder, CEO, and chairman.  He sounds exactly like the global macro heads at GMM.  His money quotes from the July 8th CNBC interview should sound very familiar to our readers. Money Quotes Macro … Continue reading

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Got Gold?

The Fed’s effective nationalization of the financial markets in the past week has spiked gold prices.  It does appear the first phase of the bear market and bursting of multiple asset bubbles is almost complete.  Phase 1, an initial massive deleveraging, … Continue reading

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Negative Yields Are Pure Gold

               Hat Tip:  @mootrades Begs the question (petitio principii):  Why Are Yields Negative?  

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Gold Makes Its Move

The near futures closed over $1,300 for the first time since last June.  We will add if Monday’s price can stay and close above $1,300.  Markets perceive central banks are caving. Help keep the lights on at the Global Macro Monitor.  … Continue reading

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S&P500 Key Levels

Stocks were hit with a double punch with the Apple warning and this morning’s weak ISM data (see table).  The S&P took out all its hard work since the Christmas Eve tank to close at its post-Christmas low. We’re not … Continue reading

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Adding to Gold Right Now

We are adding to our gold futures trade right here, right now at 1289 with a 1360ish target.  Trailing stop at 1252.00.   Decent risk-reward, in our opinion.  The path of least resistance is now up with 5.5 percent upside to … Continue reading

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Watching Gold

Gold is looking interesting. Fundamentally, it shouldn’t as the Fed is tightening the screws on liquidity, the ECB is ready to stop the printing press, and international reserves continue to decline. Check out the chart.  Higher lows since August,  a … Continue reading

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