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Picture of the Day

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German bond yields at new low – FT

The FT’s Jamie Chisholm highlights what to watch in markets on Friday, with German bond yields at a fresh low, the All-World index finishing the week at its best ever level and the price of gold at its highest since … Continue reading

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COTD: World’s Largest Employers

Source: Business Insider

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French Oat-German Bund 10-year Spread

To assess Ms Le Pen’s chance of victory, The Economist has compiled current and historic French presidential polls, and used them to build a statistical prediction model. We find that if the first round were held today, Ms Le Pen … Continue reading

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US Sector ETF Performance – Feb 24

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Global Risk Monitor – February 24

Click on table to enlarge and for better resolution

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Circus Trumps Politic

A thousand people in the street Singing songs and carrying signs Mostly say, hooray for our side  – Buffalo Springfield, 1967 File this one under political analysis. Not partisan as we try to keep our politics out of our analysis.  … Continue reading

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More On Algo and Robot Trading – Tedx Talks

Dated, but a must view. .

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Seek and Destroy ‘Bots, Animated

You remember our rant at the beginning of the year,  Seek and Destroy Trading Bots Killing Us?   We suggest you click on the title, read it,  then watch the animation below.  They actually use the words “seek and destroy.” Traders must … Continue reading

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COTD: Pity the I-Bankers and Lawyers

Can this be true?    Blue collar wages outpacing white collar over the past two years? Fake data?  Just yankin’ your Markov chain! “Though only a few industries accounted for much of the recent acceleration in AHE [average hourly earnings], it … Continue reading

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