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Rising Oil Prices And Midterm Elections

The price of crude oil is up 36 percent since President Trump took office, squeezing the consumer at the pump and offsetting most of the personal net income gains from the tax cuts. The rise in gas prices has cannibalized … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Euro Mess

The eurozone remains stuck in a horrific mess…the strategy of competitive austerity cannot return the eurozone to economic health. It guarantees a feeble eurozone economy…the will to sustain the eurozone intact is formidable. This then is a clash between an … Continue reading

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Cyprus’ Popular (Laiki) Bank Balance Sheet

With the bank’s assets at about 175 percent of Cyprus’ GDP and advances to customers equivalent to over 80 percent of its asset base (before reserves)  it is pretty safe to say “this isn’t your father’s bank!”  You decide. (click … Continue reading

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Cyprus government holds bailout crisis talks

The government of Cyprus is holding a series of crisis meetings, as it tries to avoid bankruptcy. MPs rejected a controversial bill to dip into peoples savings. Without it, the banking sector will collapse, and the country could even be … Continue reading

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Is Cyprus Too Small To Fail?

“Just when you think they’ve hit bottom, they keep digging.” These were the words of the U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria spoken to us during the country’s staccato political ejaculations which eventually drove the country into hyperinflation in the late 1990’s.  … Continue reading

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