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Going To Be A Slow August In Rhodes

Even though, Europe accounts for 50% of the global tourism market in terms of arrivals and has been particularly hard hit by the restrictions. Normally crowded cities such as Venice, Rome, Paris and Barcelona have stood empty. The EU currently has recommendations … Continue reading

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Major EU powers recognise Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president

One morning closer to Venezuela’s economic “morning-after-plan.”

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Europe’s Bad Debts Still Haunt The Euro Banks

Looks like the new “Iron Curtain” in Europe is the non-performing loans (NPLs)  in each country’s banking system.    Greece and Italy stand out. For European banks, it’s a headache that just won’t go away: the 944 billion euros ($1.17 … Continue reading

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Bunds Wagging Treasuries

Take a look at the comparison chart of the nearest Bund and U.S. 10-year T-Note futures. Contrary to popular belief, this latest bond market sell-off was led by the German Bund and not U.S. Treasuries, flopping due to the current market … Continue reading

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QOTD 2.0: More Inflation Cometh

The question is:  Has the aircraft carrier of rising global inflation finally left port? Big fiscal stimulus planned in U.S. with labor shortages.  Hmm….  And tariffs on imports increasing. Even China has reversed its deflationary forces. You know when aircraft … Continue reading

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Corporate bond squeeze runs out of juice – FT

A squeeze was expected in Europe’s corporate bond market as a result of the ECB’s quantitative easing program. Hans Lorenzen, head of European credit strategy at Citi, explains to the FT’s Ralph Atkins why this initial reaction reversed. For more … Continue reading

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Europe’s investment paradox – FT

The eurozone has grown faster than the US, but despite improved economic conditions there is little sign of companies increasing investment. Sarah Gordon, FT’s business editor, asks Deloitte’s Chris Gentle why executives are still being cautious. For more video content … Continue reading

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Reversal of fortune – FT

The story of the markets in the first quarter has been the flow of money out of US equities and towards Europe. John Authers suggests that this could be driven by a renewed dose of nerves about the US economy. … Continue reading

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Draghi confident on inflation and growth – FT

The European Central Bank’s president Mario Draghi announced the quantitative easing programme will start on Monday. The FT’s Ferdinando Giugliano and Ralph Atkins discuss what securities the ECB will be buying, and its growth and inflation outlook. For more video … Continue reading

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Google’s European shake-up – FT

After years of increasing scrutiny from regulators, customers and other companies, Google is shaking up its management structure in Europe. The FT’s Ravi Mattu reports on the group’s new approach to the continent. The latest on companies news http://www.ft.com/companies (click … Continue reading

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