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Global Macro Watch – Octoberfest

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Inflation Cometh And So Is A Big Market Correction

It was hilarious, no, sad actually, to see a piece last week by some market strategist mocking the “inflation truthers.”   Kind of like “election truthers?” Of course, he surely knows the one thing that can knock the markets on their … Continue reading

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How Central Banks Steal From Savers

This chart is an incredible disgrace and illustrates how conservative savers, especially seniors, have been robbed by the central bankers.  Christine Lagarde’s recent comment fueled our ire, We should be happier to have a job than to have our savings … Continue reading

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Yield Spike

We highlighted the potential risk in our post yesterday, Druckenmiller On Bonds If you listened to the Druckenmiller interview we posted on New Year’s Day,  he thrives in bear markets, not by shorting stocks but being long bonds.  Shorting stocks … Continue reading

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Mr. Market Goes Full Powell-Wow Over Fed Chair’s Cave

He caved.  At least in rhetoric. Interest rates are still low by historical standards, and they remain just below the broad range of estimates of the level that would be neutral for the economy‑‑that is, neither speeding up nor slowing … Continue reading

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The Interest Rate Paradox In Emerging Markets

In advanced economies, interest rates fall during recessions as investors replace risky assets such as stocks with safe assets such as bonds and cash. This makes fiscal stimulus easier. Everywhere else, recessions create fears of debt default or debt monetization … Continue reading

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Short Covering In Bond Pits And The S&P

Well, the virtual bond pits. Looks like specs are getting spooked and covering their bond shorts. Stunning, however,  that the 10-year note yield is right about where it was on September 21st when the S&P500 made its intraday all-time high … Continue reading

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Why The 2018 Stock Market Corrections Are Different

Just a quick note and some data to bolster our last post and concern that Treasury yields are not coming in  during this stock market correction. The table illustrates that the this year’s two S&P 10 percent corrections have coincided … Continue reading

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Week In Review – October 5

Summary Ugly week for Global Bonds.  Run to our Sept 23rd post, The Gathering Storm in the Treasury Market 2.0,  as to why we thought yields were about to spike.  Boy, did they Stocks followed bonds lower causing pain the … Continue reading

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Alea Iacta Est!

As Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River with the 13th legion into Italy to march on Rome, he turned to one of his deputies, quite possibly, Marc Antony, and made the famous remark, “alea iacta est.”  Historians translate this as “the die … Continue reading

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