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Complicated Capilalism

Compassionate capitalism is our mantra around but the pandemic has really complicated things, especially when it comes to private property rights.   As the pandemic drags on, who is right?  Renters or landlords? Chapter 19 Of U.S. Bankruptcy Code? We suspect … Continue reading

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REITs For The Right Reason

By Carol K. Summary These are my favorite REITs with fully intact dividends as of 7/29/20 REIT 90% payout requirement for 2020 pushed to Dec 31, 2021 There is no free lunch, i.e., the risk/reward tradeoff A REIT really is … Continue reading

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Trump’s Suggestion To Delay Election Is No Surprise

“Don’t be surprised if you begin to hear the drumbeats of delaying or canceling the November election.” – GMM, July 19 See the article here  With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Scarcity Asset

GaveKal reminds us why assets typically have value. They can be rare—gold bars, diamonds, houses on Victoria Peak, bottles of 1982 Pétrus, Van Gogh paintings, or They can generate cash flows over time We have been writing for years how … Continue reading

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Gold’s Tower Of Terror Trade & The Coming Of Stagflation

I was just explaining to a close friend earlier today how gold can sometimes be a “Tower of Terror” trade where the bottom falls out of the price for no apparent reason.  In addition, the metal is mainly driven by … Continue reading

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Germany The Winner In COVID Economic Management

Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma joins Fareed to grade countries around the world on their responses to Covid-19 and their economic resiliency to the crisis. Source: CNN Click here to view video

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Wintley Phipps performs an emotional rendition of Amazing Grace at a ceremony honoring the life and legacy of civil rights icon and Congressman John Lewis in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) July 27, 2020

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QOTD In Context: Gold, Baby!

QOTD: Quote of the Day  The stakes are high. Failure will mean the age of free money eventually comes at a staggering price. – Economist, July 25, 2020                    July 25th Economist,  … Continue reading

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Baseball’s Back…Kinda

“Strikeouts are boring, besides that they’re fascist.  Throw some ground balls, it’s more democratic.” – Crash Davis (movie version) Baseball is back. And it looks a lot different.   GMM celebrates its return with one of the greatest scenes from the … Continue reading

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Vertical Farming – FT

By 2050 it’s estimated there’ll be over 6.5 billion people living in urban spaces, and vertical farming could play a growing role in feeding them. The farms use far less space, water, and transport than traditional methods of farming, although … Continue reading

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