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Deflationistas About To Go Apeshit Over The Collapse Of Oil Prices

The Saudi-Russian Oil War is going to set the deflationistas hair on fire.  What is wrong with the relative price of oil collapsing? A big flop in the price of a headline commodity almost always brings out a deflation panic.  … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day: Dancing on Dmitry’s Grave

Ouch! That must have hurt. Remember the war between Honduras and El Salvador that, in part, started over a World Cup qualifier?   The “Football War” or “100 Hour War.” Feel bad for Russian player, Mario Fernandes,  who missed the … Continue reading

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Emerging Market Dollar Bonds: An Option Based Analysis

In my prior life I used to trade emerging market (EM) bonds and came up with the following analytical framework using options analysis to understand and teach the basic fundamental principles of how to value EM hard currency bonds.   The … Continue reading

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French Oat-German Bund 10-year Spread

The spread widened by about 5 bps this past week.   Macron still holds a slight lead in first round polling over Le Pen.   France’s Polling Commission of false reports by Russian news agencies, France’s polling watchdog has issued a warning … Continue reading

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Almost All World’s Currencies Undervalued

We’ve put together a couple of tables showing the undervaluation of the world’s currencies based on their 2016 purchasing power parity against the U.S. dollar. The Purchasing-power-parity (PPP) between two countries is the rate at which the currency of one … Continue reading

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Russia’s planned bond issuance – FT

The FT’s Neil Buckley explains the implications of Russia’s planned bond issuance, as the combination of sanctions and low oil prices put pressure on the economy. For more video content from the Financial Times, visit http://www.FT.com/video (click here if video … Continue reading

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Russian Economy in Crisis: Will We See Contagion? – Bloomberg

Dec. 31 –- Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Professor Angela Stent and West Shore Funds Chief Global Strategist James Rickards discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin and investing in Russia. — Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg (click here if … Continue reading

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Putin wrestles with rouble tumble – FT

The rouble has moved almost 20 per cent in half a day. Lex’s Joseph Cotterill talks to Neil Buckley, eastern Europe editor, about the choices facing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the implications for the Russian economy. Read the global … Continue reading

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Money talks – Economist

Thomas Piketty’s book attracts interest, mergers and acquisitions on the increase and the Russian economy faces challenges. – Economist (click here if video is not observable)

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The week explained – Economist

Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Janet Yellen’s first message from the Fed and George Osborne’s new budget for Britain are three important stories that made the news this week. Our correspondents explain – Economist (click here if video is not observable)

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