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Lavender Wave Still Cometh

Massive Lavender Wave Coming In November We believe there will be a massive “lavender wave,” in the November midterms.  Lavender is the color combination of pink and blue. …In elections, women are also more likely to vote in higher numbers and … Continue reading

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Rising Oil Prices And Midterm Elections

The price of crude oil is up 36 percent since President Trump took office, squeezing the consumer at the pump and offsetting most of the personal net income gains from the tax cuts. The rise in gas prices has cannibalized … Continue reading

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All Things (-) Correlated: S&P500 and the Midterm Elections

Ask almost anyone if they thought a two-year bull market in stocks would help a new President during his first midterm Congressional elections and the answer would be a resounding YES!.  That is why we were so surprised to discover … Continue reading

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