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John Lewis, R.I.P.

This is hard to take. The country and the U.S. Congress have lost another Great American and Saint.  First,  Congressman Elijah Cummngs. and now Congressman John Lewis. This one really hurts. Thank you for making the world a better place, … Continue reading

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The History of Federal Government Shutdowns

Background The routine activities of most federal agencies are funded annually by one or more of the regular appropriations acts. When action on the regular appropriations acts is delayed, a continuing appropriations act, also sometimes referred to as a continuing … Continue reading

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60 Minutes: Congressional Insider Trader

In case you missed it last night here is one that is sure to get your feathers up.  It’s about time they Occupy Congress. Steve Kroft reports, members of Congress and their aides have regular access to powerful political intelligence, … Continue reading

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While Washington (and the Fed) Fiddle…..

Sorry about the hiatus.  We’ve been working on a special project that could be big and will share when and if possible. Thought we’d start by re-posting our gas price sensitivity analysis to show the cost of the U.S. government’s … Continue reading

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All Things (-) Correlated: S&P500 and the Midterm Elections

Ask almost anyone if they thought a two-year bull market in stocks would help a new President during his first midterm Congressional elections and the answer would be a resounding YES!.  That is why we were so surprised to discover … Continue reading

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