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Adding to Gold Right Now

We are adding to our gold futures trade right here, right now at 1289 with a 1360ish target.  Trailing stop at 1252.00.   Decent risk-reward, in our opinion.  The path of least resistance is now up with 5.5 percent upside to … Continue reading

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How Trade Helps Both Sides – PIE

Interesting piece explaining comparative advantage.  Though it shows the gains,  those cake and pizza makers in each country get hurt.   We always propose taxing some of the gains from winners to help the losers.

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Trump Wants A China Trade Deal – Bloomberg

We have to begin collecting our bets on who would cave first.  Wasn’t it obvious? May14 — Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer discusses President Donald Trump’s shift on trade with China after announcing on Twitter that he wants to help … Continue reading

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Every Little Thing They Do On Trade Is Tragic

And Half Baked. Every little thing they do on trade is tragic Everything they do is wrong Even though the politics are more dramatic Now I know trade diversion in steel is on — paraphrasing Sting’s, Every Little Thing She … Continue reading

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COTD: Trade With Mexico

(COTD = Chart of the Day)

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Trend Reversal in Apparel Prices?

Good piece in the USA Today about the headwinds the clothing industry is facing and the  expected reversal of the almost 20-year decline in apparel prices. The USA Today/AP reports, Clothing prices have dropped for a decade as tame inflation … Continue reading

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Rare Earth Stocks Up Big on China Restrictions

China announced further limits on its Rare Earth exports today.  The country controls 97 percent of the world’s supply, which are critical for hi-tech products, including smart phones, hybrid and electric vehicles,  and cruise missiles.   Hard to read if … Continue reading

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