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The Bernanke Stock Squeeze

So Bernanke says 2016 is when he thinks unemployment moves to the monetary policy target of 6.5 percent.   That’s a long time before the party in U.S. stocks will end.    Nutcracker short squeeze. The shakeout over the past … Continue reading

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Cliff Diving – Day 7

Bernanke speaks.  Stocks tank.  Buyers step in.  Market closes unched. Stocks got spanked during Chairman Bernanke’s speech to the New York Economic Club but managed to claw back losses,  to close, essentially, unchanged.   Bonds and gold got whacked on possible … Continue reading

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Fed Ready to Fire Up the Printing Press

As we assess the benefits and costs of alternative policy approaches, though, we must not lose sight of the daunting economic challenges that confront our nation. The stagnation of the labor market in particular is a grave concern not only … Continue reading

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The Golden Bernanke

We asked yesterday, albeit somewhat jokingly, what market needed to “see the money” the most.   Stocks, bonds, or gold? Mr. Market has spoken.  The initial pop in stocks has faded with notable weakness in Apple, yet gold is holding its … Continue reading

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Bernanke & Data Disappoint Goldbugs

You can see from the chart that gold starting selling off right around the release of the Beige Book yesterday, “Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts suggest overall economic activity expanded at a moderate pace during the reporting period … Continue reading

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Nonlinear Thinking: Robotic Surgeons & Central Bankers

Here’s a piece we’ve been wanting to post for a long time.  Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) is a leader in the development and commercialization of medical robotic technology.  As the chart shows this is not just a concept but a very … Continue reading

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Bernanke’s “No Mas” Send Gold, Bonds, & Yen into Swan Dive

Wow!  Take a look at gold, bonds, and the yen after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony on Capitol Hill was interpreted as “no mas” on further quantitative easing.  We we’re a little too complacent with our covered gold positions and … Continue reading

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The Brazilian Blowout

Today’s rally in front of the Merkel/Sarkozy cup of tea surprised many, including us.  We’re not expecting much from the meeting, but you never know, and the market may have set itself up for disappointment.   Looking at the action in … Continue reading

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Credit-Anstalt 2.0?

If there is any doubt what is spooking the global markets look to the IFR piece, Credit taps run dry for European lenders, setting scene for liquidity crisis.   This is a must read over the weekend. Remember,  Chairman Bernanke, … Continue reading

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