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Q1 2019 GDP = “Stranger Things”

It is always prudent to look under the hood after a big unexpected beat or miss on a major headline economic number. Never so relevant than Friday’s GDP report, which blew out expectations, and appears right out of Stranger Things.  … Continue reading

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How Experts and Analysts Reacted to the GDP Number | CNBC

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Apple Beats – What Else Is New?

Stunning revenue growth, 12 percent y/y, for an almost $900 billion market cap company.  Aren’t these big guys supposed to grow like… err, um…utilities? Services continue to rip, up 34 percent y/y, and now equivalent to almost 30 percent of revenues … Continue reading

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COTD: Emerging Markets Are The Future

In case you missed it,  emerging market and developing economies, based on purchasing power partity international dollars, now exceed the advanced economies (AEs).  They crossed the Rubicon in 2007 and even excluding China will exceed in the AEs next year … Continue reading

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The Health Care Bill And The Fallacy Of 18% Of GDP

The American political system may just be about to wake up and inching torward bipartisanship. The failure of the Republicans to “repeal and replace” Obamacare after seven years of pounding the table is a “big fail.” After controlling both houses … Continue reading

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QOTD: Inflation Cometh

The key takeaway from this morning’s punk GDP report: Meanwhile, Inflation advanced at a 2.4% annual pace in the first quarter, according to the personal-consumption expenditures, or PCE index. The PCE index–the preferred inflation gauge of the Federal Reserve–easily topped … Continue reading

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U.S. Q3 GDP Growth Revised Up to 3.9%

The revision to U.S. Q3 GDP growth came in better than expected.   The BEA reported this morning, Real gross domestic product — the value of the production of goods and services in the United States, adjusted for price changes — … Continue reading

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Chart/Tweet of the Day: GDP as % World GDP

Hat tip Ian Bremmer, (click here if chart is not observable)  

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Stocks Better Than Alternatives – Economist

The Economist sums the melt up best: It is tempting to attribute the strength of the Dow to optimism about the American economy. Tempting, but wrong. Studies have shown almost no correlation between GDP growth and equity returns. Indeed, the … Continue reading

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China’s Economic Glide Path

The Economist out with an interesting piece on China’s economic growth. China faces a more sober economy in 2013 TO ITS many critics, the momentum of China’s economy is sustained by nothing but an outpouring of investment in plant, infrastructure … Continue reading

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