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“Phase 1” Of Potemkin Trade Deal Signed, Sealed, And Yet To Deliver

We have been busy collecting bets on the outcome of the U.S.-China Trade Deal. We never believed for one moment that China would cave on any of the big issues, such as restructuring its economy and any deal would be … Continue reading

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Trade And Tariff Hysteresis

Hysteresis in the field of economics refers to an event in the economy that persists into the future, even after the factors that led to that event have been removed. – Investopedia I first heard the term hysteresis applied to … Continue reading

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President Trump grants exemptions on 400 tariffs

Probably not the roll back China was looking for?

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What’s Hot In Women’s Fashion

Capitalism at its best or worst? We have a few questions:  1)  Does the Tariff Man get a royalty for the sale of each dress sold, and will that violate the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and 2) Are … Continue reading

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Now For Some Good News On Trade

WASHINGTON — Amid President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they support free trade with foreign countries, according to the latest national poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal. That represents a new high in the NBC/WSJ survey … Continue reading

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Who Is Winning The Trade War?

China on Wednesday urged the Trump administration to “make up its mind” about reaching a trade deal with Beijing, warning that additional tariffs could send negotiations further off track. — South China Morning Post, July 17 We state emphatically, Nobody … Continue reading

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Fading A China Trade Deal

Trump is going to have to cave on some major issues as it appears China is gearing up to play hardball and is ready to rumble in the next round of negotiations.  The Ministry of Commerce announced this morning the … Continue reading

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Will The S&P Hold The Line?

Will the S&P hold its May 13th low of this current sell-off at 2801.43? Glad you asked.   The market is currently trading at its low of the day, 5 points above that support level. Tuesday’s Post The stock market took … Continue reading

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BFTP: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned On China Deal

BFTP = Blast From The Past CHINA SAID TO TELL U.S. SIDE WON'T CHANGE CHINESE LAW FOR DEAL — zerohedge (@zerohedge) May 6, 2019 China’s Pushback In Trade Talks Over Sovereignty Posted on February 12, 2019 Bingo! Note our comment from … Continue reading

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Tweet el Xi and Tweet el Jung?

We are a bit confused about last night’s POTUS tweet asking China to remove tariffs immediately on agricultural products.   We know the president is under tremendous pressure from farmers who are losing their arse and their farms in his trade … Continue reading

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