This “Chinese Hoax” Is Already Getting Old But Just Beginning

Our power is going to be shut off again.  That’s three times in the past two months!

The Chickens Are Finally Coming Home To Roost

We suspect this is the first pitch in the top of the first inning in a long-game of survival of the human species.   Trump is correct in the above tweet: the concept of global warming is making us very non-competitive.

Unlike the politicos who run the U.S. government, however, we are believers in science —- preponderance of evidence over beyond a reasonable doubt —  and evolution, so we agree with the assessment of the vast majority of scientists and hoping some technology disrupters come along and save the planet.  They are and will be, battling some very powerful interests, however.

Fix The F%*king Grid, Please!

While we’re at it, let’s fix the friggin’ grid

If the utilities, such as PG&E, would have spent more on CapX than buying back stock and paying dividends, and used a larger portion of their cash flow for CapX to modernize the grid’s infrastructure, the lights might be on tomorrow.   They should start, by burying the live wires underground.

Maybe if Trump Towers New York is underwater in five years, the ex-POTUS and his free-basers may then become believers.   Nah, it’s in the bible,

He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’  – Book of Luke



ISIS Is Coming

By the way, we hear quiet whispers and sense a small bit of concern after ISIS issued their Flames Of War poster a few weeks ago, encouraging their disciples to ignite wildfires across the U.S. and Europe.


As wind-whipped wildfires char parts of California, ISIS supporters distributed a propaganda poster showing a flaming street in San Francisco accompanied by one of their fire-themed slogans.

With the headline “Flames of War,” the photoshopped image depicts the 400 block of Geary Street, with an ISIS flag perched above the vertical sign for the Touchstone Hotel. Two heavily armed jihadists stand in the middle of the street, alight with embers in addition to the buildings on the block.

The image was circulated online last week at about the same time as the beginning of the Kincade Fire north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, which may have been sparked by power lines during intense winds.  –  homelandsecuritytoday, Oct 29th

That’s all we need, more National Enquirer-esque conspiracy hysteria.  God forbid another big fire breaks out in California during the next week.

Fear Of Wildfires and Japanese Internment During World War II 

Fears of wildfire sabotage are nothing new to America.

It is a little known fact, at least in the group we hang with, that one of President Franklin Roosevelt’s main justifications of interning Japanese Americans in the West during World War II was the fear of wildfire sabotage.

Hysteria swept the country after Pearl Harbor, and especially after the Japanese bombed the town of Goleta, California — that’s UC Santa Barbara, folks — from a submarine in the Pacific, taking out a small oil field and setting fire to a local orange grove.  This convinced Roosevelt to make the shameful move that would stain his legacy forever.

We must guard against Japanese incendiary bombs and incendiary fires during the dry season,” FDR wrote the head of the Bureau of Budget. “This is essential for our national future.”

…Roosevelt decided that the Japanese-American roundup was necessary to save U.S. timber reserves. He then took to the airwaves asking Americans to patrol forests and report potential sabotage

“Uncontrolled fire, even in normal times, is a national menace,” he proclaimed. “Today … when agents of our enemies are seeking to hinder us by every possible means, it is essential that destructive fire be brought under stricter control in order that victory may be achieved at the earliest date.”  — Douglas Brinkley, CNN

There you have it, folks, a little history, which is becoming increasingly relevant for all the wrong reasons.

See you when the lights come back on.

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