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The Necessary Condition For Economic & Financial Recovery

Futures up 700 points on a lot happy talk out POTUS presser this afternoon even though the Surgeon General stated earlier on the Sunday talk shows we are heading into Pearl Harbor.  The futures spike is the gift that keeps … Continue reading

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Shorting S&P500 Futures Into Close

Looks like we are going to get the Doji candlestick, or close to it, today, which is our sell signal and entry point.   Selling 5 e-mini futures right in here at 2582.  Stop at 2601.  Target 2400.   May add if … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day: Copper

Classic inverse head & shoulders pattern for the weekly nearest copper futures chart.  The break out above 2.961 puts a measured move to 3.94 in play, which is about 20 percent above the current level.  The next big number for … Continue reading

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Today’s Action in Futures

Barchart.com wraps up today’s action in futures.   The water is getting choppy and making for some difficult fishing.   A few more days of action like this will send many back to land to wait for calmer waters. (click here if … Continue reading

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The “Catch-Up”Trade

Interesting chart of today’s activity.  They sold the grains and bought crude, which has been a laggard.  The “catch-up” trade, where laggards outperform,  may be the theme of the markets for the next few weeks.

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