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Inflation Cometh And So Is A Big Market Correction

It was hilarious, no, sad actually, to see a piece last week by some market strategist mocking the “inflation truthers.”   Kind of like “election truthers?” Of course, he surely knows the one thing that can knock the markets on their … Continue reading

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Context and Stock Valuations

The S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) closed up 0.79 percent today while the equal-weighted  S&P500 Index ETF (RSP) was down 0.53 percent.  Based on the closing prices of both ETFs from Yahoo Finance,  SPY is now up 1.80 percent year-to-date versus … Continue reading

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The CK-35: How NOT to Build a Portfolio

By Carol K. On Monday, June 29th, I sold six holdings from my CK-35 portfolio. For the uninitiated, the CK -35 was a “paper” portfolio (not real money), of individual stocks selected by me, at the urging of GMM head … Continue reading

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Introducing Our CK-35 Large Cap Portfolio

We have been teasing you over the past month about rolling out the CK-35 portfolio of GMM’s new crack stock picker, Carol K.   The CK-35 has a nice ring to it, no?  Kinda the like the NIkkei 225? Huge Outperformance … Continue reading

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Back To Class: REITs 101

In our May 11th post, GDP Now Q2 Estimate At -34.90 Percent, So What Now? we mentioned our discovery of an incredible stock picker with a portfolio that has significantly outperformed the S&P in an upmarket and even during the … Continue reading

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Are You Buying At These Valuations? Not Buffett

More than his words, he spoke with his wallet. He usually relishes a down stock market to take advantage of lower prices. Not this time. He hadn’t made any purchases recently; he didn’t buy up stocks when they had fallen … Continue reading

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Long Pitchforks And Water Cannons

The juxtaposition of the following two tweets is absolutely stunning and just freaking… WOW! Potential Major Political Blowback  Can you imagine the political blowback that is coming if the economy doesn’t snap back soon as the levered bad actor oil … Continue reading

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Classic Bear Market Bounce

Big move today in stocks with the S&P500 closing up 7.03 percent.  We are so glad we are out of the market. We believe stocks are now in phase two of a vicious bear market, where after the initial sharp … Continue reading

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S&P500 Approaching Key Level

Just a quick heads up.  The S&P500 has already taken out 2750.10, the first key Fib retracement of the 400 plus percent long bull market from Mar’09 to Feb ’20, and is now approaching another key Fibo at 2351.91, which … Continue reading

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Why We’re Big Fans Of Johnny “Cash”

Of course, if Larry M.’s Lehman-like drawdown scenario is realized, haven flows and shorts will pile into long-notes and bonds as a proxy short but we have no interest in trading fixed-income securities with a 100 bps negative real yield. … Continue reading

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