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Context and Stock Valuations

The S&P500 Index ETF (SPY) closed up 0.79 percent today while the equal-weighted  S&P500 Index ETF (RSP) was down 0.53 percent.  Based on the closing prices of both ETFs from Yahoo Finance,  SPY is now up 1.80 percent year-to-date versus … Continue reading

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A Long Way To The Bottom For Stocks

Based on the both historic price action of the two financial bubbles that have burst in the past twenty years and our favorite valuation metric — Market Capitalization-to-GDP or the Wilshire 5000 Index to Nominal GDP — stocks still have … Continue reading

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Are We Cheap Yet?

One helluva weak week for the stock market.  Three of the five largest Dow point flops in history.  Yes, we have already been lectured like a little schoolboy by the Twitterati geniuses “it is the percentage drops that count.”  No … Continue reading

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Stocks Get Vertical & Vertigo

This is some chart.  Even if you assume a structural shift in valuations began when the Fed started backstopping markets after the 1987 crash, that puts the average valuation of the Wilshire Market Cap to GDP at 92.58 percent.   That’s … Continue reading

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Buy, Sell, Or Hold?

Wow, Mr. Market at the 150-yard line again. Only the second time in history and everyone and their mother are all lathered up. The Week Before Christmas ‘Twas the week before Christmas,  when all through the House, the Dems were … Continue reading

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Major Global Stock Market Caps

Hat Tip: @jessefelder Our Favorite Valuation Metric We had to post our favorite macro stock valuation measure.   Some caveats come with the comps, including exchange rate translation.

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