Introducing Our CK-35 Large Cap Portfolio

We have been teasing you over the past month about rolling out the CK-35 portfolio of GMM’s new crack stock picker, Carol K.   The CK-35 has a nice ring to it, no?  Kinda the like the NIkkei 225?

Huge Outperformance

We feel fortunate to have Carol on board because she is a much-needed voice to balance our macro views and brings a very unique and strong set of analytical skills, a vast amount of experience in investing, and a pretty damn good track record.


Health Issues

Carol has some ongoing health issues she’s currently battling — nothing a former USMC Captain can’t lick — and would be presenting and writing this post herself if not for feeling under the weather.  We have also disagreed on whether GMM should try and monetize this information.

Carol wants to provide to it our readers for no charge but given my greedy capitalist instincts, I thought GMM should get paid for such quality work.  She won but if you feel inclined you can make a donation clicking the widget on the right side of the webpage.

Portfolio Changes 

We are rolling it out tonight because Carol is considering tweaking the portfolio and making some changes.  This way you will have the original picks and can go back and recreate the returns we began posting and revealed a few months ago.  Our credibility remains intact and you know we are not promoting some mystery valise of supercharged stocks

100 percent of Carol’s Work

This is all Carol’s work and nobody else at the Global Macro Monitor has anything to do with it.  She deserves full credit, not only because of the massive YTD outperformance relative to the S&P but, what impresses us even more.  is the outperformance on the downside since the February high.

These stock picks are just Carol’s opinions and favorites, which she may or may not own in her own personal account, and are not recommendations or investment advice.

Find A Good Investment Manager

If you’re looking for advice,  I suggest — not Carol speaking — you find a good manager that is experienced and knows how to manage left-tail risk.   I can think of a few.

I also don’t think passive investing or a 60/40 portfolio are going to fare well over the next few years.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Note the exact returns may differ a few bps as some data sources may have a slightly different December 31st prices

The information in this post represents our own personal opinions and are not investment recommendations.  We may or may not hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the post or have acted upon what has been written.  

All information posted is believed to be reliable and has been obtained from public sources believed to be reliable. We make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of such information.



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5 Responses to Introducing Our CK-35 Large Cap Portfolio

  1. Gerald J Bormann says:

    what do the different colors in the stock symbol column represent?

    • Hey Gerald, thanks for reading and sorry for the confusion. The colors in stock symbol column were internal working codes for stocks in the portfolio, I should have caught that during editing with Gregor. The light blue shading indicates stocks I hold in my personal (real money) portfolio that I believe to be high quality stocks that were overvalued at the time I created the list but could be great investments on any pullbacks. The orange shading indicates stocks that didn’t “tick as many boxes” on my desired quality factors, but that I personally own and consider to be great companies if one buys on major pullbacks to allow for a margin of safety. Finally, in the case of Facebook ($FB) and Alphabet ($GOOGL), while these companies are certainly market leaders and made a lot of money for investors and traders alike. However, I sense there could be some regulatory issues going forward. Alphabet/Google is currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for antitrust issues. I believe potential investors in these names should be aware of these potential red flags and watch any investments in FB or GOOGL closely to avoid any potential bad news & resulting draw downs.

      • Jerry Bormann says:

        Thanks for the quick response. I really like your portfolio. I have or had until recently over half of these same stocks that have done me well over the last four years. I think we are in for a rough two years and am now over 50% in cash and selling off more each day.

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