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Inflation Cometh And So Is A Big Market Correction

It was hilarious, no, sad actually, to see a piece last week by some market strategist mocking the “inflation truthers.”   Kind of like “election truthers?” Of course, he surely knows the one thing that can knock the markets on their … Continue reading

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S&P500’s Trick Or Treat?

S&P futures are getting schmoked at 11:38 pm PT, down almost 70 points, and approaching the 3200 critical support level.   The futures could bounce there, or before there, but we seriously doubt it holds.  The S&P will move into correction … Continue reading

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Still No Relief From The Bond Market

Last week the S&P500 sold down 5.95 percent. We noted in an earlier post, Why This Correction Is Different, in that the current sell-off is different from all other corrections over the past 30 years (except a special case in … Continue reading

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Major Stock Index Recovery Percentages

Bouncing around.  Doesn’t seem like many real sellers out there.  Traders and ‘bots push the indices down and then have to cover into the close.  We wrote about this in our Week In Review post this past Sunday. Risks are … Continue reading

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No Worries: Vol Not Priced For Budget Ceiling

Do the markets price risk anymore?   That it is always inevitable when the world is awash with central bank based liquidity is not a surprise. We do see the VIX creeping back over 10 after trading with 8 handle for … Continue reading

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Tweet of Yesterday: What a call

Enis Taner from Risk Reversal tweeted this late yesterday.    Note the S&P500 closed at 1574.30.   He really nailed it. For the bulls to breathe a sigh of relief, SPX needs to recapture 1575. If it does not do so … Continue reading

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Staples Outperformance Signalling a Correction?

Let’s revisit the S&P500 (SPY)  and Consumer Disretionary: Staples ratio (XLY/XLP). Last month we flagged the outperformance of consumer staple stocks relative to consumer discretionary was signaling the pullback albeit a small one — just over 3 percent around the … Continue reading

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S&P500 Testing Key Support

Hard to to discern the cause of the increase in chop in U.S. equities.  Cyprus?  Overbought? Earnings worry?  Strong dollar’s impact on earnings (see Oracle’s release)? Here’s what we said on March 4th: No doubt the stronger dollar will be … Continue reading

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Correction Time? Now or Never…

The S&P500 had its worst daily decline for the year.  The VIX spiked over 19 percent, its biggest 1-day increase in 2013.  The dollar index closed at its highest level since November 16th,  which was the day the S&P500 bottomed … Continue reading

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Dow First to Regain Footing

If the Dow can close here, up almost 200 points, it will be the first major U.S. equity index to regain its footing and close above the key .618 fibonacci retracement of the recent correction.  The other indices are just … Continue reading

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