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President Reagan On The ’87 Stock Market Crash

We are reposting this piece.  History rhymes.  The U.S. was in the midst of conflict with Iran during the 1987 crash as we are today. The Fed tried to stem the selling today and who knows what would have happened … Continue reading

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President Reagan On The ’87 Stock Market Crash

President Reagan certainly understood the nature of markets. That is they do whatever they are going to do, sometimes without a fundamental rhyme or reason.   Very different from the current occupant of the White House who seems to think every … Continue reading

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The JFK-Trump S&P Analog Roadmap – BTFFD

We have had lots of requests to update our JFK-Trump S&P500 analog.  Here you go. The Kennedy-Trump S&P500 analog is tracking, on a directional basis, relatively well, with the Trump S&P now 3.56 percent below the JFK S&P, 347 trading … Continue reading

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Just Another Day At The Office

Wola-freakin’-tility! The Dow traded in a 1,022 point, or 4.3 percent, intraday range today.  That is emerging market volatility, folks. What a close to an ugly week and a bookend win to the week for the bulls. Classic double bottom … Continue reading

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QOTD: Soros On Volatility

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The Age Of Low Volatility

Interesting charts from the CME group’s  August 1st earnings release. It’s not just the VIX that has been tanking over the past few years,  but the volatility in almost all financial instruments and commodities has declined this decade and are … Continue reading

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No Worries: Vol Not Priced For Budget Ceiling

Do the markets price risk anymore?   That it is always inevitable when the world is awash with central bank based liquidity is not a surprise. We do see the VIX creeping back over 10 after trading with 8 handle for … Continue reading

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US Treasuries: If it can happen here . . .FT

Yields on US Treasuries experienced one of their biggest intraday moves in years on Wednesday. Lex’s Robert Armstrong and Joseph Cotterill discuss whether banks are right in arguing that regulation has hurt liquidity. Make better investment decisions with Lex http://www.ft.com/lexContinue reading

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Volatility jump is short of crisis level – FT

The US markets’ fear gauge is climbing. Ramin Nakisa, deputy head of asset allocation at UBS, explains to capital markets editor Ralph Atkins why he thinks the indicator is not yet signalling a crisis and why calmer conditions could return. … Continue reading

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Volatility, markets and monetary policy – FT

Volatility, instability and monetary policy. Cardiff Garcia and Tracy Alloway discuss why the calm in markets is making investors and central banks so nervous — and whether they should do anything about it. For more video content from the Financial … Continue reading

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