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Why So Few Bears Own Park Avenue Apartments

Summary Bears can’t win the long-game, the probabilities are stacked against them as stocks (DJIA) have generated positive returns for almost 70 percent of the last 100 years Bears also face a relatively new (since the 1990s) headwind,  that is … Continue reading

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Dollar Impact On U.S. Manufacturing Employment

We have been busy on a piece evaluating the U.S. economy under the first 29 months of the Trump administration.  As I used to bark out selling programs as a young kid at Dodger Stadium, “You can’t tell the players … Continue reading

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The Snowflake Economy & Market

Don’t talk to me about snowflakes.  I have one daughter in college and one about to enter and we have had some very interesting and, let’s just say loud, discussions about free speech,  triggers, snowflakes, and safe spaces.   On one … Continue reading

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International Trade Balance As A Percent Of State GDP

Our last post,  Trade As Percent Of State GDP (2018),  which illustrated the openness of each state to international trade normalized by the state’s GDP,  provoked our curiosity about which states run the largest trade deficits with the rest of the world. … Continue reading

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Heeee’s Back…Karl, Is That You?

In case you missed it, or don’t read the Drudge Report,  here is the current banner headline: Should we?  Ah, uh, well…we can’t help ourselves:   YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! In February 2018, we looked at the data of the political … Continue reading

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POTUS’ Morning Economic Briefing

After Trump’s comments on the Fed this morning. calling for more quantitative easing this clip from Being There, one of the greatest movies ever is now more real than fiction.   The real Chauncey may soon have some solid intellectual back-up if POTUS can … Continue reading

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Beware Of Retrofitting Fundamentals To Price Action

See our post, Newton’s Q1 Law Of Motion For The S&P,  by clicking here   The past few weeks were a classic exercise in how markets tend to “retrofit” price action to their expectations of economic fundamentals and illustrates the … Continue reading

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A life of boom and bust: Can Argentina break the cycle?

A century ago, Argentina was one of the ten richest countries in the world. But crisis after crisis has earned it the dubious distinction of being the only nation ever to regress to developing country status. With hyperinflation, devaluations and … Continue reading

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Two Unfortunate, Untimely, And Telling Quotes

It is  hard to post this as we personally like the guy, think he is full of grace, a gentleman, and a public servant committed to civil discourse.   We need more of his likes in the public square. That said,  … Continue reading

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Wealth Inequality In the United States

This is not a chart that generates confidence in future political and social stability.   It looks like the jaws of a Great White ready to bite someone in the arse. Clearly a contributing factor in the rise of populism and anti-elitism, … Continue reading

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