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Merry Christmas, Folks!

Thanks for tuning in this year and staying with us.  Lots of good things to come in the New Year. Let us raise some Christmas cheer the progress we have have made over the past two centuries and end with … Continue reading

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Citigroup U.S. economic surprise index

Source:   Humble Student of the Markets

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The economic outlook from Davos – FT

Economics editor Chris Giles reports on the final day of the World Economic Forum, where the oil price and QE in Europe were cause for optimism but there was caution over the expected divergence in central bank policies. For more … Continue reading

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Weekend Lecture: A Symposium with 2013 American Nobel Laureates

Go to 40:05 for the economics discussion with Fama, Shiller, and Hansen. LIVE Broadcast from Embassy of Sweden in Washington – Nine Americans were awarded Nobel Prizes this year. All 2013 U.S. Laureates share stories about their discoveries at the … Continue reading

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Crisis, Contagion, and the Need for a New Paradigm

In his lecture at the Latsis Symposium 2012 “Economics on the Move” in Zurich,  Nobel Laureate Joe Stiglitz nails the fundamental problem and crisis of modern macroeconomics, which failed to predict the financial crisis. If you say…what is good science … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize in Economics

Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd S. Shapley shared the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for their work on matching supply and demand for everything from single men and women to organ donors and their recipients… Shapley, 89, designed theoretical … Continue reading

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Viva Brasil! Overtakes UK in economic league table

Congrats to one of our favorite countries to work and play!   The land of our favorite dental floss,  beautiful women,  great food,  world class football,  the 2014 World Cup, 2016 Olympics, and, of course, our good friend,  Amenio Fraga! … Continue reading

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UK Services PMI Rises to 52.9

(click here if chart is not observable)

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Quote of the Day: Lightning Speed Economics

In today’s FT column Larry Summers quotes our late friend Rudiger Dornbusch, In economics, things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could.

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The Weekend Read

Money Quote of the Week: On China: “Real estate is the dragon head that drives industry, design, construction, steel and cement companies along”…Lending is not a problem. Banks need to lend money out and the top 10 property developers will … Continue reading

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