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Heeee’s Back…Karl, Is That You?

In case you missed it, or don’t read the Drudge Report,  here is the current banner headline: Should we?  Ah, uh, well…we can’t help ourselves:   YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! In February 2018, we looked at the data of the political … Continue reading

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Ten Good Weekend Reads

  Why do we bother with stock market forecasts?  – Irish Times The Left’s Delusions About Mexico’s New President – New Republic Economists reconsider how much governments can borrow – Economist Public Debt Through The Ages – Barry Eichengreen – … Continue reading

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Jumping On The Comeback Karl Train

Wow!  Seeing more of Karl since our post:  Karl, The Comeback Kid? Bloomberg just retweeted this: Maybe Karl Marx was right https://t.co/BtT0SDPRrY pic.twitter.com/AWMtw4UIYJ — Bloomberg View (@BV) September 26, 2017  

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The Coming “Socialist Wave” – NRA

You heard it here first, comrades! On Tuesday night we posted, Karl, The Comeback Kid? We intended to point out  what may be coming over the next decade as job-destroying automation through artificial intelligence and robotics accelerates and drives the … Continue reading

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